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A touch of wisdom

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  • A touch of wisdom

    I have just posted this on a different thread and when I re-read it, I liked it. Many of my posts are designed to expose someone elses mistake, or for humour, or a list, lol

    So, at risk of a fine for double posting......

    "one comment, if you are at the WSOP for example and overhear something, that is not a choice, listening to the broadcast is a choice, so every player has the ability to NOT be swayed by a comment, either by not having the broadcast on, or, by believing they know best.
    However, the other players worrying that comments may help a third party...IS valid........this, however is a very small influence on how the game progresses.
    The broadcasts are fun, and I hope they continue, and I hope they continue to comment on hands as they are happening because overall the good outwieghs the bad...I believe.
    The small matter of a comment changing someone's decision and this affecting a third party who has decided not to listen and is making a play which may have the desired result against one player but may not fool the really not enough to ban the comments.......please don't forget this is a school, when there are real prizes, the essence of why this place exists is sometimes forgotten.
    I, personally find myself disagreeing with so much of what the 'old boys network' put forward as 'correct' poker, that I for one, would not be swayed at the time, however I would investigate it after the fact, if a strong feeling of 'making the wrong play' still continued...this is the nature of a 'student'.
    That is exactly what I am...a student of the game of a school of poker.
    Some learn from the teachers, some learn from the 'cool' gang, some study on their own........some do a bit of each.

    Choice your own path, and don't ever believe you know it all, OR, that one other person here knows it all.......and you'll be doing fine."