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Attitude-SOP-tactic ?

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  • Attitude-SOP-tactic ?

    Let the instigator remain nameless and move on to problem.
    Very early this AM, in the first five minutes of a WSOP qualifier event, a heavy-duty player (after two "Yawn, Yawns") took charge of the pace of the game.
    For the next 20-25 minutes this "outta know better player" did a fine job of annoying everyone at the table by taking the full 19-20 seconds for EVERY play he made.Often people play a little more slowly as they "settle in" to a tourney.After the "yawn"..slower ones picked up.
    Made me wonder... generally a bad attitude, SOP (standard operating procedure) or just a bad day.
    Slips interceeded and broke up the table. does one contact the dealer / referee to work with a situation like this during a game?
    I would have this player an email after the game but player has no "profile".... camouflage perhaps.

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    The only option you have for reporting any suspected or actual abuse, is to email and give them the information. If you choose to do this during the game, give them the table # and/or name of player, and which tournament you are in. They will do what they deem appropritate from there.




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      In the course of the WPO qualifiers, I've noticed many players who are unfamiliar to me, other than these events; not that this excuses their untoward and annoying behaviour, of course.

      On these lines, when it gets down to about 16-18 players, I've seen
      glaciers move faster than the play at some tables. One would think that the time button gets worn down. Poor sportsmanship, pure and simple. In B+M cardrooms, there are, regrettably, angleshooters- unfortunately, with relative anonymity as their cloak, they've a fertile field for their excesses.

      The way i look at it, if my best effort isn't good enough, then I deserve to fail!!

      I hope you get some support in this matter.Take care, Rose; always a pleasure playing with you.



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        hi rose
        Im glad you posted this it seems that we have numerous
        players who sit 19 secs away from there mouse unless they hit 3 aces, when it only takes them 1.5 secs to raise all in i have played many games where upto 3 players have taken 19 secs to act on every hand and thought perhaps they are timing out or what ever
        then as above bang one of them raises in a crack,thought of suggesting to pso to cut the time to 10 secs then if they need extra time to look at 2 cards we have the time button,and if perchance
        a player is offline the rest dont have to sit cursing,kicking the cat etc
        while the 20 secs tick away oh by the way couple days ago this happened thought right thats it im going to wait 19 secs every hand
        did it twice was even worse lol soon knocked that on the head


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          I submit that you make a good point, and, in my opinion, the practice is more prolific than you indicated. I am (right or wrong) convinced that some players use slow play as a deliberate tactic to annoy or frustrate others at the table.

          Earlier in my membership, I would shoot a line of "z"'s across the chat, but that seemed only to exacerbate the situation. Now, I've just resigned myself to enduring the situation; although, in at least 2 games in the last 2 weeks, I've gone on "post & fold" for 10 or so minutes, returning to the game later.

          There is one other situation where I think this is a big problem. This would be where a player is in 2 or more games and in contention in one. In such a situation, it appears that they click back to the more pressing game and let the other(s) time out. Perhaps, players should be restricted to two games unles they go on "post & fold" in any additional ones.

          I'm not sure anything can be done with the abusers, although I would have no objection to reducing the time to 15 seconds.

          Happy New Year to all!


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            I agree heartily that some possible way needs to be incorporated to deal with this problem.
            Players who deliberately and repeatedly allow the full 19 or 20 sec's to make a play, are rude, exhibit very poor player etiquette, and some may use the delay as a tactic to annoy their opponents.

            In tournaments or satellites with the blinds increasing, it is unfair to short stack players to allow one player to repeatedly time out or use the full 20secs to make a decision. In the live tourneys I have played, players will complain to the dealer and the dealer will get on players. I have been on tables where the players have complained to the tournament officials about slow dealers and the dealers had to speed up their work.
            I played in a tournament on Saturday, and one player always took almost a full minute or more to make a decision to play. Believe me the players were very vocal about this poor etiquette. I had to endure two tables with this guy before I had the pleasure of knocking him out. What was very irritating, was when this guy was in the BB he had all the time it took all the other players to make their decision to play or not play, and then he would still drop his head down to slowly look at his cards and we all would wait for his head to surface to find out if he was calling or raising his blind. (Ok I know some say don't even look at your card until it is your turn to play, but if you have a problem making decisions then to be courteous take all that extra time the others are using to decide and have your decision ready when it's your turn to play.)

            I remember one online poker place no longer in business that allowed you to click on the players name to buzz that player. This would be a possible feature for PSO, that way we could have a form of instant retaliation toward the offending player.


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              When you speak of the full 20 seconds, it sounds as if that were a long time. It's may be like the 4 seconds it takes that guy in front of you to go after the light has turned green...longest 4 seconds of my life. To say that using the entire 20 seconds to make a play is abusive is, well, abusive. To slow the pace of the game in order to reduce the number of antes and blinds a player on the bubble has to pay is, in my mind, a sound strategy. In order to get into the higher rounds of the Promotional Tourneys, I have had to use EVERY tool at my disposal. It's hard for some, easier for others. To be bubbled out of the higher rounds week after week demands adjustments be made to the game I'm playing. If I know what play I'm going to make after 4 seconds, then I can make that play. If I am slowing down my pace for the express purpose of advancing in the tournament, that makes sense to me. I have seen some people take too long, hitting the button 2 or 3 times and that is irriatting and it actually never worked that I could tell. However, if we are talking about 20 seconds....please, what's the rush. It could be that someone else, not you, took "control" which is the issue, not that they took too much time but they did it with out your permission. A well rounded player adapts to the conditions of the game to win. It is irrational to expect others to conform to how you expect them to play. If I knew an action bothered you and I thought you were between me and the goal, I would use it all day long. Hey, it's a game. Take your time. They give you 20 seconds. What's the rush?