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Annual Awards-PSO

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  • Annual Awards-PSO

    I would like to offer up the Idea of annual awards for members.
    In but not limited to the following catagories,

    Player Of the Year- Voted On by Members-From a list of 20
    Award-200 Sponsor Ship Points And 5K PSO Bankroll

    Most Profitable Player- Player who Won the Most Money Overall for the year- Minpin Might be able to determin this.
    Award-150 PSO Sponsorship Points & $3500 PSO Bankroll

    Satalite Player of the year-Player who has the highest Sat Cumulative %-MIN 100 Sats(Minpin gain)
    Award- 150 PSO Sponsorship Points & $3000 PSO Bankroll

    Multi Player of the Year-Player-Player With The Highest Multi Cumulative % for the year-Min 150 Multis(Minpin)
    Award - 150 PSO Sponsorship Points & $3000 PSO Bankroll

    Heads Up Player Of The Year- Player with The Best Heads Up Wins%In Sats & Mult's(Minpin)
    Award-100 Sponsorship Points & $3000 PSO Bankroll

    Most Improved Player- Voted on By PSO Members.
    100 Sponsorship Points & $3000 PSO Bankroll

    Coummunity Leadership Award-Player whom gives the most back to the PSO Community through Forum advice, Posts', links, added interests(stats, radio) ect, and does a great job promoting our community inside and ouside PSO.
    Award-100 Sponsorship Points & $3000 PSO Bankroll

    Most Sportsman Like Player- Voted on By PSO Players
    50 Sponsor ship Points & $1500 PSO Bankroll.

    Instructor Of the Year-Voted on by PSO Members

    Boradcasator Of the Year-Voted on By PSO Members

    We could hold Nominations for the voting in the forum, and obviously this would hinge greatly on the time and co-operation of PSO, Minpin and many others.

    Lets talk about if this would be worth doing.

    I think it is something that would be alot of fun and great for PSO.

    Thief 21

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    Hey thief what about Rookie of the year?


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        An interesting concept. However, I expect that a 'vote' by PSO members would constitute more of a popularity contest than anything else. But that's only one person's opinion.


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          If nominated, I will not run
          If elected, I will not serve


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            I am not a crook.

            Ask not what PSO can do for you......Ask what you can do for PSO.


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              All our poker chips are a thousand points of light...


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                I think that Apryll joined this year, so in my opinion

                Best player


                Best newcomer

                would be APRYLLSHOWERS

                Best sat player would be Bumblebeeru/dane7777/pspitalnic

                just my opinion



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                    Blowing your own trumpet again hazy. Tsk. :wink: