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    I'm done with this Broadcast bulllhshit. Let me be real honest about something Ive never been a follower always a leader sorry just my nature. God has blessed me with quite a bit in life probably the thing i most utilize is my competitive spirit. Life is a battle we keep score on everything in life including how many days we have been on this earth.

    U dont have to worry, about MOI leading anyone astray again on a broadcast, I think ur whole outlook on the situation is out there. Seems to me people on here want to pick up the ball and run with it. Well u scored. Best of luck.

    For the record broadcasted 48 friday nite tournies. OFFERED 123 fellow poker school students a opportunity to win a $500 entry into the WORLD POKER OPEN. oh yeah and that was my money offered had nothing to everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr do with MARK OR TINA. Broadcasted 4 2nd round qualifiyn tournies, Broadcasted Draft for the team event that took forever. broadcasted both the BIG ONE & BIG ONE II. Broadcasted 3 study groups.

    I like Trent Lott am a Fighter and a Republican BUTTTTTTTTT this is something i could care less about if it bothers yall that much so be it Raiderman and Top 2 Pair do a great show.

    I never claimed to be a pro, I assure u I have 2 flourishing business and have no desire to be Pro. Now let me state one thing if i do say something about the odds of something or the correct statiscal play i assure u it is in my opionon nothing more and i have stated this quite often. I'm not affilitated with poker school other than a student. I have no devine desire to be the leader of this school, or the king of broadcasters, I have stated many times Bruno worked hiss assssssssssss off to get special guest on the show, (MARK, Nolan Dalla, & Lou Kreieger and many other super students that play here.) I never had to do anything with that he always went so far above and beyond. I was always kinda embarressed by the fact that my name was even associated with all his hard work.

    I'm actually kinda excited about this no more do i have to be concerend with gettting home early friday nites so i can spend a little quality time with my wonderful family to justify me taking time out of their life to spend with yall.

    Did i enjoy it HELLLLLLLLLLLLL yes it was allota fun, I learned more watching yall and talking about ur play than 2 complete books ive read. Will one of us win the WSOP im gonna reply just like when someone stated who would win the BIG ONE II odds are against us but someone has to and on any given day the worst player can be the best. Doesnt make it rite or wrong thats just the facts but I like my chances to score a big win someday. Call it arogance or confidece I believe if u play smart and not chase, protect ur stack, pick on smaller stacks then it is possible, oh yeah i can also just get lucky some day.

    I will never give up pokerschool I love this site, dont love everyone here nor there attitudes but like everything im not here to make friends if that comes along great if not my life will continue as will urs.

    I might loose a battle but i will never loose the war. Once again Arogance or confidence. I say confidence. and for those of u that had such a problem with U won this battle. Ill see u at the tables.

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      Freddie, well put, but consider one thing:

      There are quite a few of us who will miss your broadcast. Many more than had some problems here and there. We have all taken heat in this forum and we will continue to do so. Anyone who takes a stand and states their opinion will likely take some heat.

      So, don't close your mind to never coming back.

      Cya at the WPO,



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        Freddie I have to first thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for the $500 entry into the WPO. With that said your broadcasts will be sorely missed. When I first joined pokerschool and found out about yours and top2's shows I must say that I look forward to every Friday night tourney. It makes the game so much more real and gives it the human touch that is missing when your alone. So if you ever change your mind we will be waiting.

        P.S. Top 2 Dont even think about it. Losing Freddie is bad enough. ops:


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          I've always enjoyed your broadcasts and learned a lot from them. I'm sure that I am just one of many appreciative people around here. I also liked the special feel that your broadcast always brought to the event. I hope you will reconsider.



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            Freddie To H-E double hockey sticks to em all!! I will miss your broadcasts very much. I have called in sick to work before just to hear them. I hope your kids realize what a great roll model they have under their roof, and hope the apples will not fall fare from under the tree. See you at the tables my friend.



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              We WILL talk when you get to Tunica...and DON'T make me take you out back !!! :evil:




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                : : : : : : : : : :twisted: : : : :twisted: : : : :


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                  Freddie, Don't quit!!

                  DOOD!! If you quit the day after I get back, that wood be lame as hell! I have been looking forward to getting back on the show so much it is ridiculous!!! Dood! Don't do this to me~



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                    FREDDIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! Backing down when challenged???....This does not sound like the freddie boy I know....

                    Unless the FCC is coming in and shutting you down you have no reason to not to run a broadcast any way you dam well please. Take any criticism for what it is worth...change if you feel any of it had some validity, but don't stop broadcasting. After all where will I find a place to the Gatorhb gossip hour I was planning on bringing to the show after the BigOne 8) 8)

                    I do have a complaint about that sidekick of yours though....Wasn't any knowledge about poker required when you signed him on? :twisted: :twisted:

                    Happy Holidays to you and yours.......



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                      I am not trying to sound redundant (nor will i try to be a good speller), but F@#$ them. You have a disclaimer on your show, you are not affieliated with pso, nor do your oppions reflect that of the school.

                      I don't always listen to the show on friday nights but i try hard to ever chance i get. I think you were to say this before the big one 2 started and I quote: "PLEASE CALMMMMMMMMMMMM DOWN"

                      Take a deep breath, clear your head and dive back in. Rememberback when u were not broadcasting for a while how everyone missed you and bruno? Don't let that happen again because a few jerks want to blow it for the rest of us. If they don't want to hear what you have to say, then they shouldn't listen.

                      There are times people type in chat telling others what they should do, it happens, but i person has to choose for themselves call or fold. I believe that when action comes to them they pretty much already know what they are going to do when it comes them, they are juct trying to make sure.


                      I just finally baught a mic, don't let it go to waste.


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                        Freddie my man I love your shows brother and like 57sauce, have also called in sick or left work early to play and listen(thank you by the way for signing me up for that tourney-- Thanks also for giving me a shot at the $500) I appreciate it greatly. Well no matter what happens I can't wait to shoot the shiit and the shots in Tunica with you , Bruno and the boys. Bring your drinkin shoes pal cause we gonna have us a party or 2 or 4 or the entire time we are there. EVERYONE WILL SUFFER WITHOUT YOUR BROADCASTS... there is a lot we can all learn from them.



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                          FreddieBoy....Thanks for all you and your crew have done for us here at the school. If you guys never do another thing on the schools behalf, it will never diminish your past efforts.

                          Go with your heart. (I suspect you'll continue to contribute in some form or another as that seems to be in your nature)

                          Best regards,


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                            I for one would miss your broadcasts freddie the highlight of my week was seeing if i could last long enough to get my name mentioned , and when it was it makes the whole tourny a far greater thing than just the impersonnal screen you stare into.

                            Dont fold Re-raise.



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                              That sucks Freddie. I enjoy your broadcasts and just bought a mike today so I could take part in one. I support you whatever you decide.