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How to copy the scrolling text

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  • How to copy the scrolling text

    Could somone please tell me how you copy the scrolling text next to the poker table in the program.

    I remember reading somwhere that it can be highlighted and copied through some key combination - and then put in a word processing document.

    I would love to start doing this for the hands I play so I can look back accurately and see what mistakes I made

    thanks in advance


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    Ctrl-C is the key combination to copy the text from the chat window. You can the paste it into a word processor using Ctrl-V (or the paste command).



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      At the end of every hand (after the chips have been pushed to the winner) there are 7 to 10 seconds of inactivity.

      It is at this time you can highlight the hand and cut and paste it into your word processor.

      After you highlight the text "Ctl-C" will place it onto the clip board.

      Then bring your document to the front and hit "Ctl-V". This will past the text into your document at the cursor postion.

      Finally, "Ctl-S" will save the document.

      I find that saving the document after each hand prevents you from losing the whole thing if you should lock up or get disconnected.

      Also, having your document set for two columns makes for a much shorter document as you can end up with a couple of hundred pages if you copy a complete tournament.

      With a little practice you can get this procedure down to four or five seconds and be back to your table before the next hand starts.



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        Further to Sarge's and Chris's excellent replies, left-clicking in the text area and pressing Ctrl-A will select all of the text, followed by Ctrl-C etc. It just depends on whether you want all of the text or just the last hand.


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          thank you all for your help


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            And... wouldn't it be nice if the software didn't bother with all that "Player x antes $25" etc etc? Who cares - we know that


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              one thing about this (ive used to do it and find it very hard)

              if you sellect the "everything" option on the chat window, which is the only one that gives you all information about the hand (starting chips , etc etc) its very hard to select the entire hand (if the hand is calling time and other stuff) ive find out that you select the starting point of the hand and when you reach the end of the hand and copy part of the starting point (which you dont see cause the chat window is limited) is not copyed at all

              every time anyone does something the chat moves and your initial is not respected...

              maybe like sgt says is the only way cause if action is stoped thats a better way for sure

              spades 8)



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