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Big $2.20 - TPTK facing river shove

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  • Big $2.20 - TPTK facing river shove

    We get AJs from the cutoff and face two limpers. The limpers are very loose : villain 9 is playing 61/3 through 36 hands and villain 3 is playing 57/14 but with only 14 hands. We make our standard raise of 2.25x + 2bb for the limpers and get called by the first limper. We flop TPTK on a pretty safe board, and on the flop my intention is to extract the maximum (all my stack if possible). They check and we bet around half the pot, and get called. Turn brings flush draws and straight draws in play. They check, we bet again around half pot to leave us with a nice river shove. The plan is to shove any safe river. River completes some straight draws, as any 7 now has us bet. Villain takes the initiative and shoves. I might add that villain insta-shoved. The chips were in the middle half a second after the river came. I got confused, because I was still planning to shove that river if checked to me, but now with the action taked away from me I wasn't so sure I wanted to risk my tournament on a pair. If we fold we will still have 41bb. What do we do?

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    *Not a tournament player*

    I think I fold, his calling range facing a 3bet is likely to include suited connectors, middling pairs etc. all of which are doing well against our holding here.

    I don't think he takes this line with KJ.


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      Wasn't a 3bet though. He limped pre and I raised, and then he called. Tracker had seem him limp-call with KJ previously, but would he shove the river with KJ here? Not sure


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        Hi Simon,

        Tough spot.

        I think your turn raise should be a bit larger to really discourage draws and make your river shove smaller.

        Whether you call the river shove or not here I think is really player dependant.

        61/3 is loose but also very passive. Doesn't sound the kind of maniac that is going to bluff shove allin on the river. That being said the river shove doesn't really look like they want a call.

        If the player has been more aggressive post flop than they have been preflop I think you can call. Otherwise fold.


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