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$ 5.40 TKO, bad time to muscle big stack?

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  • $ 5.40 TKO, bad time to muscle big stack?

    heey guys,

    i was deep in a 5.40 TKO
    at this point there where 28 players left, and allot of really short stack at the other table.
    i have been card dead since i came to the table, didnt play to many hands
    pretty much all the players have played tight havent seen to many hands though, only been at the table 15 hands
    havent seen to much from the bb seemed kinda nit fishy.

    i know the raise looks a bit loose but with the money jump comming, and some tight playes and me having an a blocker. i think his open is kinda standard here.

    preflop his defending range is hard to make ere because i barely know him but i dont thinkt its to wide, with him being 4th batteling with the second biggest stack OOP.

    when he check calls flop i have him on any pair and any draw, myabe a str8 but in my mind if he is that nit fishy type of guy they dont really like slowplaying deep in mtt's on a potantial flushy board

    the turn i think is a pretty bad card for him, he might have hit a radom 2 pair but overal this should be an overcard to his pairs and a card that doesnt improve most of his draws.
    when he calls im putting him on a pair of t's or 7s maybe 6s (but he might fold 6s and 7s with the stack pressure) some combos with flushdraw with the 8 or 9

    the river in my mind is perfect to contineu, annother overcard this his potential pairs, and of his draws only j9 kj and k9 made a good hand on the river and he should only have thos combos with flushdraws . so to apply the last bit ofpressure i bet again. thinking he would fold most of his range here.

    just wondering if my thinking was ok this hand

    ps. i didnt talk about how my range looks here, because i think he wasnt looking at that at all so that would only be leveling yourself in this spot i think

    pps. sry for the wall of text :P
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    Hi adohole! Unless out table image is a total maniac, while the open is a bit light, with the stack sizes behind us, I don't mind the open as a steal attempt. The looser my image is, the more often I need to fold here and not open. The flop totally misses me and the opp checks. Since I raised preflop, I'm going to take my one shot in the hand here to take down the pot and make a 1/2 pot c-bet. My plan for the rest of the hand is that if the opp raises, I'm folding. If the opp calls, I cannot put another chip into the pot unless I improve. As played, the smaller than normal bet screams weakness, so by doing so, I most likely have overs or an underpair to the board. On the turn Q, I disagree with your thought process. The opp could very easily have floated the flop with two overs and if so, the Q hits their range and hits it hard. If I'm the opp and am against an aggro or loose opp with overs, I'd call the flop and I'm absolutely checking the turn and let the opp do the betting for me. As played, once again, the bet here is too small and once again says exactly what I have.. nothing. The Q didn't help me or I'd have made a standard bet to price out any of the opp's draws. Betting less than 1/2 pot does not accomplish this, it only bloats the pot and tells the opp that I don't have a hand. Since I have nothing but ace high, when the opp checks, I absolutely need to check behind. The river K doesn't help me, but once again is squarely in the opp's range. Since I bet every street so far, if I'm the opp with a made hand, I'm check/calling or check/raising all day long. The bet looks like a thin value bet, so it will not be top pair... and if I'm holding a Q or K, I most likely have the best hand. Raise pre, c-bet flop, check/fold every street after that unless I improve. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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