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Shove or check ?

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  • Shove or check ?

    It's $22 Saturday Countdown 120 mins Time Tournament and I am in 3rd level (15mins blind level) which means it's still early stages so no need to worry about survival yet.

    Should I check or just shove?

    I have exactly 20BB and around 5BB is in the pot already.

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    Why would you shove? Think about the range that villains are calling your shove with 20BB deep, think about how you do vs that range? I reckon AK+, TT+? How do 88 do vs that range? Even if some monkey calls with KJ, youre still flipping.

    If the villains are passive/tight i better raise here. If you had 10-12 BB, then i say shove is the best play.


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      Hi adi,

      I actually prefer shoving, 20bb is a bit deep but with 2 weak limpers the pot is juiced enough and I expect we will get a large % of folds and take it down preflop a reasonably significant amount of the time. To CrazYJohnnie's point about the range of hands that will call your 20bb shove, yeah we don't play well vs. TT+/AK, but I think it's important to note that once they choose to limp in and not raise initially the chances they have these holdings is largely reduced imo. They are more likely limping 99-, AJ/KQ-, and while we don't play great vs the top of that range (99/2 overs), we will sometimes get looked up by hands we dominate and we have a lot of fold equity. For example I have noticed a trend recently (by fish) of players who will limp in with a small pair, then call off to a shove (probably because they put you on over cards... they will even say "I knew it was a flip" when you have AK). So in summary I think we have good fold equity, and good hand equity vs. their limp-calling ranges when they don't fold.

      The other option I think is just to check and see the flop, I don't fancy bloating the pot with a standard raise and playing it out of position post flop with a pair of 8's.

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