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$1.10 1K Cap Final Table Full House then 55 Shove.

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  • $1.10 1K Cap Final Table Full House then 55 Shove.

    It's the Final Table of a $1.10, 1,000 Cap MTT (yup, one more!). I made a couple of great plays and find myself in 2nd place, not a bad position to be in at a FT. The following happens. Villain is a solid player from what I have seen. How would you play this differently to minimize risk to my chip utility? Now, after a few hands, this 'opportunity' comes across for me to chip up. The thing is, this structure is relatively comfortable/slow. However, I was feeling the pressure to chip up. How warranted was it to feel that way and did this affect my game negatively? Should I deliberately slow down here and wait for a better opportunity as there is time seeing how many players are also short-stacked?

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    Hi Nataraj1,

    Congrats on the final table.

    First hand I don't think I'd play any differently. You could raise A8s vs the limper. But if you think the BB is unlikely to raise then I don't mind limping behind to see a flop keeping the pot small since we're out of position. The turn card really seals it but I think the chips are all going in not matter what happens here.

    Second hand I'm not so sure about. The raise is a full 3x and you only have 11BBs to start the hand. Usually at this stage in a tourney there is a lot of min raising and small raises. I would be suspicious of a 3x raise usually so I don't think there's a lot of fold equity here. I think you can fold 55 here and look to pick up a less contested pot. Chipping up is nice of course but getting into an allin situation is really high risk at this point, losing 1 or 2 spots on the payout ladder can mean a lot of money.


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      Wp, who is chip utility?


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        Hey thanks a lot, Andy. You can see I lost 400K chips in between the two, so I may have been rushing a bit. I certainly missed the 3X raise which should have looked very suspicious indeed. Coming from this player, I should have folded and looked for a better spot.



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          Originally posted by CrazYJohnnie View Post
          Wp, who is chip utility?
          Hey CrazyJohnnie, Chip Utility is a point-of-view that you need to focus on chips as arsenal, and the more chips a skilled player has, the more useful the chips. It is opposed to the usual, pervasive ICM model and has direct strategy implications. There's more on Arnold Snyder's website and in his books.



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