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Storm - AKo trapping went south

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  • Storm - AKo trapping went south

    ... or so it seems for me Last Sunday this hand came up. Over 71 hands MP is a bad loose aggro dude (35/9 - Af 7 - extremely aggro on flop and turn, slows down to river) SB same sample - a very loose passive player (48/12 - pretty passive caller postflop). Up to this point I ran 15/9 - not that it matters that much because the guy on my left is playing on the cell phone, but they saw me value betting only. PokerStars - $10+$1|100/200 Ante 20 NL - Holdem - 9 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 BB: 6,740 UTG: 6,014 Hero (UTG+1): 20,870 MP: 13,453 MP+1: 4,980 MP+2: 5,838 CO: 6,220 BTN: 8,245 SB: 5,725 9 players post ante of 20, SB posts SB 100, BB posts BB 200 Pre Flop: (pot: 480) Hero has A K fold, Hero raises to 400, MP calls 400, fold, fold, fold, fold, SB calls 300, fold Flop: (1,580, 3 players) 9 2 K SB bets 300, Hero calls 300, MP raises to 600, SB calls 300, Hero calls 300 Turn: (3,380, 3 players) 9 SB checks, Hero checks, MP checks River: (3,380, 3 players) Q SB bets 4,705 and is all-in, fold, fold

    SB wins 3,380 [/spoiler] What do you make of my play here. I am pretty sure my reads on the opponents are accurate, and the shove on the river screams sets. It is not shown here but MP showed a K, and that is exactly what i was targeting, SB though messed me up here. Thanks and regards, Shoim

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    ps : a 9 in my SB friend there, OTF makes me happy, therefore i continue to slow play to river


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      really interesting hand, what im gonna suggest probably sounds reallllyyy weird and might be bad :P but here we go.
      pre flop is std i like the min raise on the flop, i like your first call, just try to suck in the MP player, we have pretty much a nutty hand just verry few hands beat us, but there are barely any draws out there, so if one of the goes bonkers he probably has a set. so as i said i like the flop call because we have a good hand and want tog et some more chips in and the easiest way to get that is calling. BUT by calling we barely get any info on their hands. and in a mtt like the storm players can have verry wide ranges and are hard to put on hands on this kind of pots.
      what i would do is cal the first bet on the flop and after the raise make it abou 2800. there is allot of chips in the pot now, and im kind ahappy with taking the pot here, though i really dont mind a call. but if we make it 2800 and MP shoves i think we have to fold, so on the flop after we called the first bet raise to 2800 if mp shoves i fold if the sb shove i call, sicne he doesnt have that many chips left

      hope this isnt to much weirdness and random blabbering :P

      ps one thing, dont slow play a hand when there are allot of bad cards possible for your hand :P
      Triple Bracelet Winner


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        Hi shoim

        I think your plan of slow playing on this board vs these player types is pretty smart especially as they've only seen you value betting. However when the sb donks out and we call and then MP min raises I think he has Kx most of the time and if his Kx hand hand is good enough to call a raise with, it's going to be good enough to stack off with with these stack depths (bad player logic) so we could have just reraised flop.

        There are some scare cards for, any 9/10/J/Q ought to slow us down because we're allowing both our opponents to make the gutshot straight so be aware of that.

        Slow playing top pair against two players is risky business and although the flop is dry there are plenty of broadway hands in our opponents range that can make a better hand than us on the turn. As long as we're aware of that risk then fine.

        I'd fold the river. Looks like sb has 9x or even J10. It would be pretty heroic of us to call here. I think we're beat 9 times out of 10.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          Hey guys,

          Thank you for the feedback.
          The only thing I don't like about my play here is the turn check as I can get value from worst K's calling or get shoved on by the sets (which is where my fold becomes fairly easy).

          Thanks again



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