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Saturday Micro $3.30 , Flop decision with top pair

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  • Saturday Micro $3.30 , Flop decision with top pair

    This is Saturday Micro $3.30 with 15mins blind level. Is "xwilhelmx" shoving straight draws or worst Queen here. I don't know what "M0ney-man525" range is he can have middle pair or some draw also. Main problem is what did "xwilhelmx" limp called me with maybe 88, 55, 67, QJ, QT, 9T, JT. It's a easy call if he has a draw, I don't know what to do here? STATS :
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    Hi adikumar2010! With QJs on a very loose table, I'm just going to let it go preflop and if I did want to take a chance, I'm limping it behind. It's a hand with some potential, but I don't want to be playing a big pot with it unless I hit the board hard. The problem with raising at a table this loose on the stack size that I have, is that I won't thin the field preflop and with multiple callers, this sets up a very bad SPR postflop. If I want to continue, I'm going to basically be playing for my stack with a marginal hand. I flop top pair/good kicker and here is exactly why I didn't want to raise preflop. If I value bet here, I need to make a 2/3 pot bet (520) which I now need to do. I get a call and a shove behind me. With 2 opps in the hand, I'm very easily beat here, so I need to fold. Both opps have sets, better Q's and draws in their ranges and my hand does not do well vs multiple opps here... so I need to fold. While xw's hand could be a problem (could be a set or draw), don't forget the other opp that is still in. The other opp can easily have a better queen, which could make put me drawing dead. Even if I know that the original shove is a draw, this is not a call due to the other opp in the hand, as any Q that calls a preflop raise should have me outkicked. The key here is to not play a big pot with a small pot hand. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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