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$11 Super Stack tournament, JJ facing resistance on a super dry board

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  • $11 Super Stack tournament, JJ facing resistance on a super dry board

    It is $11 Super Stack tournament on FTP with 12min slow blind level and 5000 starting stack. Should I have 3-bet on the flop to his min-raise? What to do on the turn now, since he bet pot? Full Tilt Poker Game #34764695233: Super Stack $1.5K Guarantee (277238171), Table 18 - NL Hold'em - 140/280 Ante 25 - 17:58:15 IST - 2014/10/04 [08:28:15 ET - 2014/10/04] Seat 2: pESRonny (8,935) Seat 3: adikumar2010 (8,485) Seat 4: Eggus13 (9,624) Seat 5: Ports12 (5,151) Seat 6: Mot5 (20,955) Seat 7: StopBet (26,431) Seat 9: pwnd_by_7-2 (15,889) pESRonny antes 25 adikumar2010 antes 25 Eggus13 antes 25 Ports12 antes 25 Mot5 antes 25 StopBet antes 25 pwnd_by_7-2 antes 25 pESRonny posts the big blind of 280 The button is in seat #9 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] adikumar2010 raises to 560 Eggus13 folds Ports12 folds Mot5 folds MtOkie sits down StopBet has 15 seconds left to act StopBet calls 560 pwnd_by_7-2 folds pESRonny has 15 seconds left to act pESRonny folds *** FLOP *** [ ] (Total Pot: 1,575, 2 Players) adikumar2010 bets 787 StopBet raises to 1,574 adikumar2010 calls 787 *** TURN *** [ ] [] (Total Pot: 4,723, 2 Players) Langers1990 sits down adikumar2010 checks StopBet bets 4,723 adikumar2010 STATS :
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    i am call ing this considering he can do this with lower pocket pair later i am crying if he shows me a 7


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      Hi adikumar2010!

      You didn't provide any read info for this opp on the flop or turn.. it's crucial to determining their range. Are they passive or aggressive? What % do they call? What % do they raise? What % do they bet? What hands have they gone to showdown with?

      If this play is standard for them, I'm going to call and see the turn.
      On the turn, I'm most likely going to check to them and my play will need to be based on 2 things... how does the opp normally play turns? Are they betting them? Are they raising them? I also may lead again on the turn if the opp is not raising them frequently. I also could check/fold.. it depends on the read information that is not provided.

      Are they a maniac that's going to showdown with junk? If they're a maniac that has showed down total garbage, I'm 3-bet shoving the flop and taking my chances.

      If the opp is not used to raising flops... then I'm folding to the flop raise, as they most likely have 7x.

      The keys to this hand are flop and turn reads that were not provided.

      John (JWK24)

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