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Does he have a flush?

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  • Does he have a flush?

    It is $5.50 MTT with less then 160 runners. 10mins regular blind structure and 3000 starting stack. I was betting heavy on all streets, but on river I checked as I got scared of flush and he moved all-in, what to do here? Or should I have shoved the river myself instead of checking? Full Tilt Poker Game #34751822376: $750 Guarantee (276911819), Table 3 - NL Hold'em - 50/100 Ante 10 - 13:46:33 IST - 2014/10/01 [04:16:33 ET - 2014/10/01] Seat 1: jeffersjeffers (3,397) Seat 2: adikumar2010 (9,207) Seat 3: roundup77 (2,455) Seat 4: ZX NINJA 14 (8,482) Seat 5: aschyl (2,590) Seat 7: glichur155 (2,450) Seat 8: ersh_44 (5,805) Seat 9: tbilisi1456 (9,515) jeffersjeffers antes 10 adikumar2010 antes 10 roundup77 antes 10 ZX NINJA 14 antes 10 aschyl antes 10 glichur155 antes 10 ersh_44 antes 10 tbilisi1456 antes 10 jeffersjeffers posts the small blind of 50 adikumar2010 posts the big blind of 100 The button is in seat #9 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] roundup77 folds ZX NINJA 14 calls 100 aschyl has 15 seconds left to act aschyl calls 100 glichur155 folds ersh_44 folds tbilisi1456 calls 100 jeffersjeffers folds adikumar2010 checks *** FLOP *** [ ] (Total Pot: 530, 4 Players) adikumar2010 bets 300 ZX NINJA 14 calls 300 aschyl calls 300 tbilisi1456 folds *** TURN *** [ ] [] (Total Pot: 1,430, 3 Players) adikumar2010 bets 715 ZX NINJA 14 folds xpersinsx sits down aschyl calls 715 *** RIVER *** [ ] [] (Total Pot: 2,860, 2 Players) adikumar2010 checks aschyl bets 1,465, and is all in adikumar2010 STATS :
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    he got you beat my friend...


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      Hi adikumar2010! I totally disagree with your statement about betting heavy on every street. Every single bet in this hand is too small and prices the opp's draws in. Preflop with 79s in the BB, when the opps limp, I'm more than happy to check and see a free flop. When I flop two pair on a board with an A and a flush draw, I need to make a standard lead value bet. With 3 opps in the pot, I need to bet 3/4 pot (398 chips). I cannot bet less or I'm potentially giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me. The turn should be a brick, but it does put a second flush draw out there. I need to make another standard value bet and with 2 opps, this bet needs to be 2/3 pot (953). Once again, I cannot bet less than this or the opps can be getting the correct odds to try to outdraw me. The river now completes the flush that I've priced the opp in on every street. The key here is a read on the opp, that is not provided. Is this opp known to play suited cards? Is this opp known to bomb rivers? If so, did they show a bluff or the nuts? I have two choices here. If the opp is known to not bet rivers, then I'm going to check and hope to get to showdown (I have to fold to a shove). If the opp is known to play suited cards and chase with them, then I also need to check/fold. If the opp is playing only premium hands, then they most likely have Ax and I'm going to shove. The key here is a read of the opp. The big problem in the hand though, is that the bets that were made are consistently too small and due to this, the opp gets priced in for their draw (if they have one) and due to this, they deserve to and will win chips off of me on average.. each and every single time. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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