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AK again facing trouble

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  • AK again facing trouble

    It is $11 Super Stack tournament on FTP with 12min slow blind level and 5000 starting stack. He min-raised me on the flop, what should I do here? Now pot is 1180 and I have around 1360 chips left. If I call here I will have to call his all-in on the turn also. So either I shove here myself or fold. What to do? Full Tilt Poker Game #34752094966: Super Stack $1.5K Guarantee (276970815), Table 6 - NL Hold'em - 20/40 - 16:07:32 IST - 2014/10/01 [06:37:32 ET - 2014/10/01] Seat 1: adikumar2010 (1,740) Seat 2: YesMan1202 (4,790) Seat 3: Adriii08 (7,335) Seat 4: Fold Dear Donk (3,759) Seat 5: knut_hamsun (4,425) Seat 6: lovrnotafighter (4,221) Seat 7: MGL4003 (5,060) Seat 8: ttrann85 (4,860) Seat 9: Artem Kornev (5,239) adikumar2010 posts the small blind of 20 YesMan1202 posts the big blind of 40 The button is in seat #9 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] Adriii08 folds Fold Dear Donk folds knut_hamsun folds lovrnotafighter has 15 seconds left to act lovrnotafighter calls 40 MGL4003 has 15 seconds left to act MGL4003 folds ttrann85 folds Artem Kornev folds adikumar2010 has 15 seconds left to act adikumar2010 raises to 140 YesMan1202 calls 100 lovrnotafighter calls 100 *** FLOP *** [ ] (Total Pot: 420, 3 Players) adikumar2010 bets 240 YesMan1202 folds lovrnotafighter raises to 520 adikumar2010 STATS :
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    Instashove. This is a dreamflop for AKo, so I will be shoving this if anyone invites me to (in this case lovrnotafighter).

    I don't have 20/20 vision, so the stats screenshot is useless to me, I can't make out the figures. I did search for your opponent on OPR, which clearly indicates lovrnotafighter is a terrible player. Which only strengthens my believe for a shove, since this person will be betting a weaker king, 7-rag and even a missed pocket pair or Ace-rag, and of course the good ol' flush draw.


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      Yes, easy shove here.

      I think we get called by the reraiser enough with spade draw or weaker K when we shove.
      We don't want to face an ugly decision if a third spade comes out. We could be beat or lose action when we're ahead.

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