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5.50 deep stacks slow - shove against loose player on the bubble

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  • 5.50 deep stacks slow - shove against loose player on the bubble

    Hello, The hand is from 5.50$ deep stacks slow. My position was 99th with 90 paied places and 110 left in the game. Did I make a mistake in this situation. I think the player from SB was very loose, but i have watched him only for 10 hands as I was moved from another table and this was my first play on this table. Actually my intentions were to push him to fold and win the hand preflop.

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    Hi stoyan

    In a virtual bubble 11-12 tables remain (1 bust each table). Even though not in a "cash spot" now, I'd like to preserve 20bb with low pocket 44. We don't need to risk it now. Some may go with 88+, I'm on the nit side here it has to be a premium QQ+ or specific read on a very loose villain.

    Just my opinion. Others may disagree.

    PS. I didn't look at the showdown before replying. You had the loose read but even so they wake up with AQ - and I think that's a bit loose, 20bb call.
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      Hi stoyan,

      Given that it's a slow structure I think we can pass the 44 here, but there is certainly no huge problem with shoving a 20bb stack over a 3x open blind v blind.

      You're right, we are looking for folds, not to play for stacks with 44 since the range that stacks off with us will be almost all flips and bigger pairs. So in order to make this play attractive to me I'd like to get a lot of folds to compensate for the times I'm at risk as a 4-1 dog. That means I'm looking for a villain who is A) opening a wide range and B) folding to our jam with a high frequency.

      Without any reads yet (10 hands at the table) we really don't know the answers to A and B. A we can lean towards loose blind v blind, but it's just a somewhat uneducated guess. And B we have no idea. If the villain is going to raise/call with J8s for instance, then A is satisified (that indicates a pretty wide range) but B is not. The reason this still isn't any huge problem though is in that scenario, it means he's calling off with a much higher saturation of flips vs. overpairs, and also a few more dominated hands (like K3s for example).

      In short, folding is tight but ok in a slow structure imo, and shoving is fine... it may increase our variance as it contains more unknowns, but we are not playing a large field MTT to try and min-cash, we are playing it to try and win, and that involves taking (smart) risks. This one isn't bad.

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