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$1.50 Standard SNG, KK (Heads up stage), Push or call?

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  • $1.50 Standard SNG, KK (Heads up stage), Push or call?

    I am at the heads up stage of a standard $1.50 SNG with KK on the button. I do my standard min raise and get 3bet by my semi-passive opponent. I paused for quite a while at this point to work out my best move. Obviously Im not folding, but do I shove and risk him folding or call and let him hang himself post flop with such a big pot in the middle? I guess the only problem with the second option is that if loads of over cards flop then he maybe inclined to check/fold. Looking back, I think this pre flop 3bet by the villain looks strong, especially given my opponents playing style and if I shoved I would be getting a call a large percentage of a time. Of course if he has aces then so be it, happy to take that chance. By the way I had been playing pretty straight forward and had rarely (if at all) 3bet my opponent so far. What do you think? Steve

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    Hi sjb,

    It's probably not a huge difference either way tbh. Since your read is that the opponent is passive, he doesn't rate to be 3-bet bluffing, so I would expect him to simply get it in to a 4-bet. Plus the sizing is huge for the situation, which also looks strong (although maybe just inexperience, it's a $1.50 game after all).

    That being said, if ever a player will have a bluff frequency, it's heads up. My general line on these stacks would be to flat like you did simply to keep any/all light 3-bets in the pot and deny them a chance to fold pre. We have position, so if we leave him with the betting lead we should expect a very high frequency of c-bets into us (unless you have a different read), and once he makes any normal c-bet size, most of his stack will be in now and he won't be able to get away.

    If the opponent doesn't c-bet much, or is really passive to the point where they don't have a 3b bluff range and might check/fold missed ace highs and pairs like 99 if an overcard comes, then it's better to simply get their "real hand" in preflop since we cooler all big hands save for AA.

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