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$1 180man Standard SNG/QQ/How should I have played this?

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  • $1 180man Standard SNG/QQ/How should I have played this?

    I know I have probably played this hand particularly poorly please can you look over my pre flop and post flop plays and point out where I went wrong. I particularly require advice on bet-sizing (especially in the case of a reraise) as I always struggle in this area. The reason why I chose not to reraise pre-flop was because I was against a big stack who was playing tight, who in this hand had reraised the UTG limper. I put him on a range of QQ+ and AK. Also, should I have raised his flop bet? Many thanks Steve

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    Hi Steve

    Preflop is fine. I too would call unless villain 3 was a fish in which case my plan would be to 3bet get it in. Player 3's range ought to be tight because he iso'ing an 8bb shortstack so so I'd expect a good players range to be something like KJs+QKo+AJo+A10s+99+. You're giving him way too much credit by putting him on QQ+AK.

    Calling preflop is good but I would opt to raise the flop! Although player 3 has shown a lot of weakness by continuation betting such a small percentage of the pot, this is a wet flop and either player 3 or the player behind us on the dealer button are quite likely to have a hand between them that is a fairly strong drawing hand. Perhaps a flush draw or AK/A10 with a backdoor diamond draw so we ought to be raising this flop for both value and protection.

    We must absolutely the raise the turn and your raise sizing is fine as it sets up a nice stack to pot ration on the river for us to shove all in with.

    Got to fold to that river shove...

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Could you tell me by how much I should have raised the flop, as I have problems with getting my bet sizing right. Also is the turn raise not too small as I am now giving him 4.2/1 to call, almost the odds he needs if he is on a straight draw?

      Thanks for the evaluation Chris.


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        HERE is a link to a blog that I wrote on the subject. I think it'll help you.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          That post is one of the best articles on poker I have ever read. Thank you John!

          However, although it is obviously important to keep the opponent guessing by keeping our bet-sizing standardised, would it not be to our benefit to deviate from this plan when we expect that our opponent is more likely to call a bigger bet? We would be missing out on value in these instances if we keep to our normal bet sizing would we not?
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