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Micro NL MTT: The best line on the river?

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  • Micro NL MTT: The best line on the river?

    Hello Would like your thoughts on this hand. It's the early stage of an MTT the preflop raiser is tight-passive, the over-caller is loose passive. I don't have a HUD so no numbers on the villains. Apart from general comments on the postflop play, what do you think is the best line on the river as played? I think putting the villain all in would be better since it would be very difficult for hands other than 5x or Tx to call off. I also think if the villain did river a straight he is likely to lead out on the river. What do you think?
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    Hi RFlush,

    Originally posted by RFlush007 View Post
    the preflop raiser is tight-passive
    I think this is a decent hand to 3Bet preflop sometimes but not against this opponent type. If he's tight anyway and then opening from early position (i.e. taking an aggressive action and not being passive), his range is already pretty narrow and value-heavy, so by 3Betting, you're going to narrow this range down even more to possibly even something as tight as 99-QQ and AK. So I would just call preflop.

    Given the flop and how bad it is for our hand, I would not be looking to put any more money into the pot as we have such poor equity, especially multi-way and our fold equity at any stage of the hand is pretty small, especially against the villain types you describe.

    As played a river bluff might well work as TT, ATcc or maybe T9s are the only straights that make sense and if he had a two pair or set on the flop or turn, he very likely would have led out the turn with those for protection, but then again some people love to slowplay. Given that we've still got a huge stack even if we just give up on the river, I'd probably just give up and not take such a marginal spot for 1/3 of my stack.

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      I did check down and the villain showed A2o.
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        Originally posted by RFlush007 View Post
        Thanks... I did check down and the villain showed A2o.
        Good thing is, you got a note out of this hand. Knowledge that villain will call a 3bet OOP with A2o is worth as much as what you didn't win from that hand! umbup:



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