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$2.20 MTT. Weird spot, NFD in a multi-way pot

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  • $2.20 MTT. Weird spot, NFD in a multi-way pot

    Early in a 100 Cap $2.20 MTT. We are on the BB with A6s and it is limped 5 times before the actions gets to us. I thought about shoving the limpers, but I think it would have been too light. We flop the nut flush draw on a paired board, and the SB leads out for the minimum. 2 questions. 1. What would be the optimal line here? I called the bet, but didn't like my action as soon as I clicked. Would a raise/shove be better? 2. As played, do we call the shove? Shoving villain is super fishy, playing something like 50/10 in 25 hands.

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    Hey Simon,

    Pre-flop is ok in my oppinion, can't ask for more than to see a free flop with a good drawing hand multi-way with so many limpers.
    Flop is a fold because of the rule of thumb : loose passive players don't raise without the nuts or close to it. So i wouldn't be surprised to see K5s, Kx, or 55 on him. Sometimes I have seen TT and even AA but it was rare.

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      My preference would be to shove preflop because we ought to have very decent fold equity but more importantly if we get called, it will often be with them holding a worse hand. But there's nothing wrong with taking a free flop with a hand that doesn't mind seeing a flop.

      The flop is a bit strange like you say, but I think you played it fine. Calling the initial flop bet with the lolpotodds is fine. I'm not a huge fan of shoving as we're likely only going to get it in being a significant underdog

      The best case scenario vs the shove is that he's shoving with a 5 for some reason which you're flipping against. Otherwise if he has a PP bigger than a 5 or Kx, then you're a significant dog. You also have Villain 6 to worry about who might occasionally have been slowplaying. So I'd just fold.

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        hey Simon sorry mate it has taken a while to post.. i'm not even sure it's the right thread, but hope it is. For these stakes, my first impression with the limped action when it reaches us with 16bb effective is shove. 600 is out there, and if it goes uncontested that's nearly a 40% addition. Being micros you're probably going to be called at least once with holdings as Andy explains. As played, calling donk lead is fine, then fold is fine..but it's a ugggh feeling. Potodds ~55%, and you have approx 40% equity at best - more like 20-25%, so it's a fold. Don't like the idea of shoving over the donk as we only getting called by better on this flop. MW 4/5/6 ways is always going be in majority of cases, like this in micros.. no matter what you hold. Point being is, for the chance to pick up 40%+ of my stack uncontested or if I am called, you're doing ok most of the times.. I take the less stressful/more decisive route, especially in the early/mid stages. Best to get stressed leading up to the FT Question back to you, what if the donk lead out was 250 or 445? Last, what would your bottom shoving range be here, pre? No need to answer, just some thoughts! All the best for next year mate umbup:



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