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$11 Super Stack tournament on FTP, How to play on turn

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  • $11 Super Stack tournament on FTP, How to play on turn

    It is $11 Super Stack tournament on FTP with 12min slow blind level and 5000 starting stack. 1) Should I have raised the flop? 2) Should I bet bigger on the turn once he checked to me? I am not sure if betting big on the turn would have got him to fold !! 3) Should I check down river? Full Tilt Poker Game #34670534909: Super Stack $4K Guarantee (275148812), Table 34 - NL Hold'em - 140/280 Ante 25 - 00:39:28 IST - 2014/09/10 [15:09:28 ET - 2014/09/09] Seat 1: GR Steinbock 57 (25,317) Seat 3: dawhiteninja (8,688) Seat 4: adikumar2010 (7,161) Seat 5: dzho_1986 (16,942) Seat 6: vitalyi79 (6,992) Seat 7: WVLB (42,339) Seat 8: Energezer (7,264) Seat 9: PureBaadi (8,786) GR Steinbock 57 antes 25 dawhiteninja antes 25 adikumar2010 antes 25 dzho_1986 antes 25 vitalyi79 antes 25 WVLB antes 25 Energezer antes 25 PureBaadi antes 25 WVLB posts the small blind of 140 Energezer posts the big blind of 280 The button is in seat #6 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] PureBaadi folds GR Steinbock 57 folds dawhiteninja raises to 560 adikumar2010 calls 560 dzho_1986 folds vitalyi79 calls 560 WVLB folds Energezer calls 280 *** FLOP *** [ ] (Total Pot: 2,580, 4 Players) Energezer checks dawhiteninja bets 1,032 adikumar2010 calls 1,032 vitalyi79 folds Energezer folds *** TURN *** [ ] [] (Total Pot: 4,644, 2 Players) dawhiteninja checks adikumar2010 has 15 seconds left to act adikumar2010 bets 1,857 dawhiteninja calls 1,857 *** RIVER *** [ ] [] (Total Pot: 8,358, 2 Players) dawhiteninja checks adikumar2010 bets 3,687, and is all in dawhiteninja calls 3,687 *** SHOW DOWN *** adikumar2010 shows [ ] two pair, Kings and Jacks dawhiteninja shows [ ] two pair, Aces and Jacks dawhiteninja wins the pot (15,732) with two pair, Aces and Jacks *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 15,732 | Rake 0 Board: [6s 2h Js Kh Ac] Seat 1: GR Steinbock 57 folded before the Flop Seat 3: dawhiteninja showed [ ] and won (15,732) with two pair, Aces and Jacks Seat 4: adikumar2010 showed [ ] and lost with two pair, Kings and Jacks Seat 5: dzho_1986 folded before the Flop Seat 6: vitalyi79 (button) folded on the Flop Seat 7: WVLB (small blind) folded before the Flop Seat 8: Energezer (big blind) folded on the Flop Seat 9: PureBaadi folded before the Flop STATS :
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    Hi Adi,

    With no read yet on how this guy plays, I prefer to just fold KJo preflop to his open (but would open it myself from this position if he had folded in front of me).

    Flop call is good, turn bet is fine. Alternatively we could move all in on the turn which is an overbet (5544 into 4644) which may get hero called if the villain thinks we are bluffing on a draw, and it prevents us from getting lost on bad rivers, of which there's a number, if he moves in after one comes.

    As played, I think the river is not good, and we should be checking this card back. It's just such a gross river card as it sometimes improves him to a better hand (AJ/AK/AA) and when it does not improve him, it makes him unlikely to call us now, so a hand like QQ or TT is just folding. All we can really get called by that's worse is AsQs/AhQh, but both those hands might well barrel this turn card rather than check/call, so they seem less likely holdings imo. The important point here is when you are value betting think about what hands in the villains range you are targeting, and the likelihood they will call your value bet. This particular river really devastates those chances, so although we have 2 pair the all in is probably too thin now.

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