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$1.00 Rebuy MTT strategy...

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  • $1.00 Rebuy MTT strategy...

    Tried my hand at a $1+ unlimited rebuy MTT today. There were some fishy goings on. One villain was particularly insistent on shoving any two cards, even after doubling up (he even shoved , or re-buying and repeating the operation. After a while, at around 233BB, it seemed he turned down the activity. Needless to say it's quite frustrating to see the fishy villain accumulate more chips than me in no time at all. Not only that, but I busted before him. So, the question is.. some people are obviously using this as a strategy for rebuys. Is this a good thing to do, or too fishy to be ultimately viable longer term? What's your strategy for those micro unlimited rebuys? Do you rebuy if building a tiny bankroll?

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    It depends on your bankroll and how well you play a deep stack.

    I've done the same before, although when you realise you have to finish in the top 30 of a 1000+ field to break even it becomes less appealing. Strategies in rebuys can vary widely based on your abilities, temperament and what your opponents are doing. Saying that here is also nothing wrong just playing it as a regular game and maybe relaxing your ranges a bit vs a wide shover. You need to find the best way where you think you can most value out of the tourney.

    It is best to take the rebuy at the start to double your stack then the add-on in the break. This not only gives you the most chips possible but allows you to gain the maximum chips when you double up, which then maximises the next double up etc etc.

    This should affect the way you regard the buy-in as far as your bankroll is concerned, so by knowing you will take a double rebuy and add-on a $1.10 tourney becomes a $3.10 game. After this you should also be prepared to double rebuy back in at least a couple of times (whether you need to or not) which will make it at least a $7.10 tournament.

    Also while you should note how others play its pointless getting frustrated by it or where they bust in relation to you. Just try to control what you can in order to benefit yourself.


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      I think I am getting better with a big stack.

      Placed 2nd last night/this morning in the 3.30 [1R1A] on 477 and took a large bankroll increase with that. I took the Rebuy and Add-on right at the end of the Rebuy period, but had chipped up already, so yes I do believe in the chip utility theory.

      It definitely has an effect on required bankroll, but I was taking a shot anyway.

      Yes, it's no good to be frustrated, but if this can be exploited strategy and tactic-wise, then that's a good thing too, maybe something with tweaking the proper range for calling his shove. I feel like pairs and large pairs have bigger relative hand values in these cases.


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        The $1+R are my favourite tourneys on stars, they always have sooooo many people who just love to gamble.

        My strategy for the rebuy period in the early stages is to play really tight and just shove preflop whenever I get a premium hand, especially if the table has shown that they like to gamble. You can even open-shove for 200BB and still get called by all sorts of stupid stuff.

        Of course this is a purely exploitative strategy taking advantage of how many people are just willing to gamble with bad hands to try and build a stack.


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          Sounds good, spand42. I think I used to play like this before, but found that premiums were getting cracked all too often in multi-way bids. Will have to try again one day and see. I do pick some spots based on player tendencies with the premium hands.


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            even in multi-way pots premiums are normally still favourites to win, it's just easier to notice when they get busted thats why you have to be prepared to rebuy a few times


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              They're still a favourite, this I agree, but they do bust more often since they're much less ahead in equity in a multi-way war compared to a heads-up one.



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