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1.5 $ HUSNG Gutshot OOP Sizing Question

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  • 1.5 $ HUSNG Gutshot OOP Sizing Question

    3rd hand in match. Vilain Unknown. My question: Maybe beter to raise 90 because sizing will not change his caling range? Or maby even 120 to make biger fold equity and if I hit He will be more likely to pay me ? Or even beter let it go and fold ? I gues caling is worst option.

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    Hi, Hand Analysis Versus an unknown villain my course of action on this flop would be check fold. I wouldn't want to bloat the pot out of position. We do not have enough equity to be semi bluffing and there are many hands that this villain could continue with for a raise or a float, such as high card combos, Ax A2+ aswell 8x T8+ (16 combos of each Ax and 8x) etc... Pretty much every card that peels on the turn besides a 6, 5 or 7 we wont feel comfortable barreling as most of those cards will be overs to our 6 and 5... I'd save the chips to pick a better spot, preferably in position with more equity and with more reads of their post flop/showdown tendencies. Quoted from your other post:
    Originally posted by A Beatmaker View Post
    A. Caling Flop and Turn Cheking River Because average player in 1.5$ dont see FOLD buton. So implied ods biger.
    Once we have a decent sample size of their tendencies, only then can we formulate a bluffing/barreling strategy to fold out all second pair or non nut holdings in their range, but read less make it a rule of thumb that they'll call down light at the $1.50 level. Cannon

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