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Weird ICM calculator result

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  • Weird ICM calculator result

    I've recently been reviewing a final table I was involved in in a $27 KO tourney using my new toy I recently bought. The hand itself isn't so important, I was just interested in what sort of range I could profitably 3Bet, and it threw up this result. For a start this was significantly wider than I thought it would be, but I can understand that me being able to put ICM pressure on my opponents is a very crucial aspect to final-table poker. For those that don't understand the chart - kackvogel should be opening 15.8% of hands, and I should be 3Bet shoving the 9.6% of hands demonstrated assuming villain is opening that wide. Below this are the ranges for the rest of the players to 4Bet or call vs my 3Bet shove. I know this is a very small detail - but I found it weird why the pocket pairs would jump in value between 99 and 66. In fact the calculator suggests I should use a mixed strategy of shoving "99" 73% of the time, "88" 99% of the time, "77" 45% of the time and "66" 89% of the time. Is this likely just a quirk in the system or could there be some reason to this?

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    Probably because there's a lot of combos of unpaired hands which don't improve that your pairs crush compared to the unfavourable situations?


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      Hi Andy,

      Interesting stuff. My guess on 88 vs 99 is card removal. The bulk of our EV is coming from fold equity to take down the preflop pot now, since the raiser is folding to our shove over 3/4ths of the time. It has both 99 and A9s in his raise/fold range, if we hold 99 then we remove 5 card combos from that range vs. when we hold 88, meaning we get called a bit more frequently when we hold the nines.
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        I think card removal is part of the reason, but can you explain kackvogel's opening range?
        If I'm reading it correctly, it says 99+, A9s+, A5o+, KJs+, KTo, QJs, QJo (which is actually 16.9%, not 15.8%).

        Why on earth are trash hands like A6o included, but 88, A5s, and JTs are not?
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          thats probably because he is calculating whats best to min raise, those trashy hands are probably min raise fold hands, and those suited Ax's are prolly open jams for the calculator
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            A5-A3 can make straight, so +EV is better than A6-A9.



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