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$11 sunday storm: Did i play this properly?

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  • $11 sunday storm: Did i play this properly?

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    Hi LiZhiSheng,

    You won the hand in a popular Sunday event. So I'll just say some stuff and other PSO people may want to comment on the more complicated bet value / bluff ranges.

    We look ok with about 60bb, looks early stages at 50/100 levels. With KJo utg +1, I'd fold.

    Anyway, as played we get called in 2 spots (btn & sb). I like to c-bet a little bit bigger than 1/2 pot but our bet gets 1 fold which is good in position.

    Now we get a donk pot bet on the turn K. So the sb decided to take the initiative for half their remaining stack? This looks very strong! To me like setting up for stacks.

    So without a specific read on the villain our top pair is not looking good. It's a strong play to call a bluff like that. Don't think we could work out ranges and put the villain on ATo.
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      Hi LiZhiSheng

      I agree with ForrestFive in that we ought to be folding this hand preflop. KJo from early position is a weak and vulnerable hand and if we get action we're very often going to get that action from better hands and hands that have us crushed.

      As played I think c-betting is fine as the board is really dry which makes it unlikely that our opponents have connected with it, your c-bet sizing is a bit weak but as the board is so dry you can get away with it imo.

      When villain leads out on the turn with a pot size bet we ought to decide right now if we're going to play the hand for for his remaining stack because there's a very slim chance that he's going to commit half of his stack on the turn and just check the river to you, he's going to bet all in on the river almost all of the time.

      With no reads or insight as to how this guy has been playing this is quite a tough spot and I would expect us to be behind quite often but if we're going to continue with the hand then I like to call the turn and call the river rather than reraising all in on the turn because if he is bluffing us then we need to give him the rope to hang himself so if we reraise all in on the turn we're letting him off lightly. There's only a backdoor club draw to worry about so this is a great spot to call rather than reraise.

      Ultimately with no history on the guy I think calling turn and river is ok but I'm not thrilled about it. When he leads out on the turn it's almost as if he;s trying to represent Kx 'which is unlikely because we have Kx and he would of had to call our c-bet with Kx' or he's repping a set, a set is a likely holding in this scenario but moist players won't bet super big with a set, they're going to try and extract value as best as possibles so his line really doesn't make much sense.

      Cheers, Chris.



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