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$2.75 60mins Time tournament, Loose shove?

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  • $2.75 60mins Time tournament, Loose shove?

    It is $2.75 60mins Time tournaments around 11 mins were left at this point. It's the same tourny from which I posted hand 5 mins back. This guy was limping too many hands and folding only when someone shoves a big stack if someone goes all-in for under 10BB he insta limp calls with all the garbage hands. I myself shoved 3 times on him after he limped and he folded everytime. When I shoved I had 15-20BB stack. I was shoving over his limp coz there is no point raising as he will still call even if you raise 10x preflop over his limp. Only a big shove preflop can make him fold. So I took a stupid risk, should I have folded here instead of stealing from the fish for the 4th time? PS: He is total fish he limped button then called a 8x raise of unknown SB player who had only 17BB in his stack. Flop was AT9, SB player shoved remaining chips and he called with A8o from the button So you can imagine how good he is (SB player had JJ) STATS :
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    11 mins left vs the limping fish big stack who is very erratic and as you said you already stole 4 times.

    when you shove here there is a 50% chance you will get call bec of the reason that the limper is a fish and have a big stack

    you got a decent chips 11 mins left in the game you need to attack other players than the limping fish.

    wait for a big pair then just jam it in


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      He is playing 50% hands I am sure whatever hand I will shove will have mimimum 45% equity against his overall range. Plus I thought I have fold equity also. And he might not call his 45% stack thinking that only 11mins are left. So last few mins are best to steal chips as others are trying to just pass time.
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        These people who open-limp all the time can certainly be awkward to deal with!

        If you've done this three or four times recently, people might start to pick up on that tendency and realise what you're doing.

        My concern in this hand isn't really you vs the fish. It's more to do with the blinds left to act. You've built up a pretty decent stack now and 2Bet shoving for 17BB seems a bit of a risk, as the reward from shoving such a big stack is much less compared to when you were shoving a 10BB stack for example, as the chips you win when everyone folds increases your stack by a lower percentage.

        Therefore I'd raise to 900 ( + 1BB for the limper), fold to any shove and if I see a flop, I'm in position against someone with probably a wide and weak range, so a CBet will take it down most of the time.


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          spand You haven't seen his FCB I guess. He is never folding to a raise after limping and if he has any piece of the board from best that are nuts to a runner runner straight/flush draw he is never folding on the flop.
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            Well Fold to CBet of 25% is likely 1/4, so I wouldn't read too much into that.

            But anyway, we have position, we can choose whether we want to CBet or not and if he's going to call with his stupid draws out of position, that's more money for us!



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