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180 man MTT. TT all in, low stack...

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  • 180 man MTT. TT all in, low stack...

    Hello, So i had a few bad beats earlier in the tournament and as you can see was pretty low with the amount of Chips i had. After evaluating other peoples playing positions most players were playing pretty tight so a shove with a TT would enable me to win the blinds over. The player who called me was quite a loose player. Do you think I made the right decision at that point in the game to shove or how would you have dealt with it? Out of 180 players we were done to about 60 and I was ranked 55ish in chip size. Thank you

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    You have 19BB, the bigstack raises small before you. Why do you feel the need to re-raise all in. I think you might have a fairly good hand with TT and he might be behind (as in this case). But ask yourself this, do you think it is worth it to coinflip (most of the time) with the big stack (who has almost nothing to lose), while you have still enough chips to fight later on more secure battles for smaller pots?

    best regards


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      If he calls you with hands like A8s, its a really good valuejam.

      Well played?


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        I think i did it stupidly just for him to call as he's been doing alot even with poor hands so the likeliness was he wouldn't have anything good, he'd call, i'd win. He won those chips mainly out of luck, not a great deal of skill.


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          reshoving is definitely the right play beacause your gonna risk 2997 into 525 pot roughly 17% chip up if you get your opponent to fold which we want to do to lessen our variance in flip situation and as you said villain will call you very light just like that w A8s.

          agree well played just unlucky you'll get them next time

          glgl keep playing volume will kill the variance


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            Hi flamewipe

            Because the average stack size is as big as it is I'll go ahead and assume that this is a 180 man rebuy tournmanent?

            If this were a standard non turbo/non rebuy 180 man I think that calling would best with our 20 big blind stack but as this is a rebuy tournament and villain has been playing very loose I think your shove is fine as you'll often get looked up really light by this type of player.

            Nice hand, Chris.



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