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$11 Phase tournament. Am I obliged to go broke with baby boat?

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  • $11 Phase tournament. Am I obliged to go broke with baby boat?

    It is $11 Phase tournament with 2 Day's (Phase 1 = Day 1 and Phase 2 = Day 2). I am playing Phase 1 where I need to survive 15 levels and it has 10mins blind level. Should I go broke with smallest full house? As 55, 44, AA beat me. I have the smallest full house, one player ought to have a straight there. Also should I raise on flop or just call the flop donk? and should I check turn or keep betting? On a side note when BB shoved the river I thought he has bigger boat and the player behind me will has flopped straight which he was slowplaying but it was opposite. I just couldn't fold boat as I treat everyone at these stakes as a fish these days PS: This is 8th Phase 1 I bricked this week STATS :
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hi Adi

    As the hand has been played I'd go broke too but if we were last to act in the hand we could possibly get away from it. Raising turn is good because I'd expect cashgranna to call you with a lot of his donking range which will often be worse Aces and hands like 45s/33/44.

    When HR4C calls you sizeable raise I think we ought to be a bit worried that we're beat but he's playing 42/25 and I'd expect weak player to overcall with hands like A10/AJ/AQ. Checking turn is good, the last thing I'd want to happen here would be for you to bet out and get shoved on so checking behind is perfect and calling the shove on the river is standard imo, well it's standard against this player type in this $11 tournament because he will shove straights where as a good player wouldn't. I'd still be worried about HR4C but he has position on us, and this is one of the many reasons why playing hands out of position sucks.

    Nice hand, unlucky. Cheers, Chris.


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      With A2s and 2 very loose opps with position on me, I'm mucking preflop. I'm most likely going to be in a multiway pot, out of position, with ace/rag.... which is just asking to lose chips.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Personally I'd call flop call turn jam river, fold if HR4C raises flop or turn.

        We're vulnerable and want to protect our hand but there's really not too many worse hands that can call a flop raise

        I agree with opening A2s here on a table this weak albeit loose btw


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          Do you want me to flat call the flop donk bet and give the players behind me great odds to chase there draws?
          Bracelet Winner



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