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Bubbling out 45-player SnG

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  • Bubbling out 45-player SnG

    This is 45-players $1 buy-in SnG, final table. Villain had been opening wide and picking pots quite often, and when it wasn't she - I was picking the pots the same way. Hitting trips on the turn, I felt I would be ahead most of the time. So, despite being bubbled out I thought my decision was correct. But, reviewing later, I feel that as the Villain was the only one who could have busted me at that stage - I should have found a fold. So, which was it - poor play or good? Edit: I must add, people were folding all the time to min raises and open. So, I didn't see the need to either check the flop or bet bigger.

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    Hey KumarLuv

    Tricky one! Here's my view on the hand.

    Leading out on the flop is a bit off, I think I'd prefer to either check and call an average sized bet by villain and check fold to a decent bet. Anyway as played, I like your bet sizing on the turn because if villain does have an ace he's not going to fold so it makes sense to bet a healthy amount for value rather than a small bet. Ok, the river, it's very likely we have the best hand. I'd expect villain to have Ax or a missed flush draw a lot of the time so lets bet for value. Betting pot is a bit wishful, I think we get paid off most of the time when we pay around 40 - 50% of the pot, but you bet the full size of the pot which is better than not betting and I guess it could look like a stone cold bluff from time to time.

    When villain crams all in over the top of our big bet alarm bells ought to be ringing! Ringing very loudly! What hands does he do this with? Does he do with Ax? No way! Your pot size bet on the river ought to ring some bells in his head so if he did have Ax he has no reason to raise you. Your bet size indicates that you have either a very strong hand or you have nothing and your trying to blow him off of the pot, but he raises, and he raises all in! He can only have you beat. Likely holdings for villain are hands like 44 and 7x and any 7x that he has is going to have a stronger kicker than yours.

    So given this information and due to the fact that we are 2 players away from the bubble we ought to fold. The only way we have the best hand is if villain is capable of shoving all in over the top of a very strong bet with a busted draw, which is very unlikely seeing as this is a $1 sng and he limped into the pot from early position.

    Cheers, Chris.

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      Thanks Chris!

      Yes, the river bet is all wrong. Now I see it. Esp., if i did have a full house I would be betting thin. will come on top next time.



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