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Final Table of Chromestar VIP $5,000 Guaranteed (GTD) Tournament - ICM Decision

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  • Final Table of Chromestar VIP $5,000 Guaranteed (GTD) Tournament - ICM Decision

    well i have some doubts about this spot, the bb despite he was the chip leader was playing very tight 9/5 through 88 hands, hand with a fold to steal of 82% , i thaught this was a good spot because the shortest stack had already folded and i can put a lot of pressure on the bb, but i have doubts icmwize even if the big payout is on the top3 . (I didnt expect a call from k6suited from such a tight player)

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    Hi scarface763! Against an opp that is folding frequently, I'm just going to make a standard min-raise here. Since the opp is folding very frequently, there's no reason to put all my stack at risk if the smaller bet will get the same % of folds. It also allows me to fold if the opp does decide to 3-bet me (will be a monster hand based on them playing 9/5). When looking at this from ICM, it is a possible shove (+0.16%EV)... but is shoving the best play? Since I'm deeper stacked though, I'd rather just make a standard raise, since I won't need to put extra pressure on the BB due to them playing extremely tight. 55+,A3s+,A5o+,K7s+,K9o+,Q9s+,QJo,JTs is the calling range that the opp should have if the SB does shove. K6s is a borderline play that is -0.05%.. but it is very, very close. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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      agree with Coach John no need to risk all your chips with 17bb vs BB

      one thing I learned from PearlJammer is you can just complete the small blind then half pot post flop on any flop worked most of the time.

      but the moment BB called your post flop bet it's time to give up @17bb you can do this and your risking a little instead of your whole stack

      and of course fold to any raise preflop

      Congrats on your FT scarface more FT's to come


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        thnks for the replies, my intention was to put maximum icm pressure, but i think im only increasing the variance. i will aplly your suggestions next time.


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          If villain is such a nit, there's no need to shove, he'll fold a minraise or 2.5x steal with basically the same frequency that he'll fold to a shove, so you might as well save the chips in the rare cases he does wake up with something.

          FWIW if BB was aggressive and liked to attack weakeness, I sometimes employ a strategy with these sort of stack depths where I limp everything from the SB and then either raise, call or fold if the BB chooses to raise. Also if the BB checks his option, we can normally take down the pot on the flop with a bet regardless of whether we hit or not.


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            folding preflop is also an option I think Congrats making it to final table not easy thing to do at all so many players umbup:
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              I agree with John, against a guy this nitty and starting with an 18bb stack, min-raise/fold to a 3B is going to be optimal. I don't really like limping the SB in this spot, nor folding, because both fail to exploit this villain's favorite mistake (folding too much).

              All these various plays are options vs. other player types, and in certain stack dynamics, but in this hand min-raise/fold seems like the best line to me.
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                thanks again for the feedback, i shoved because i thaught that way i was "cutting down variancce", and putting maximum icm pressure, and also i taught that if i was raise/folding was bad because i will become a little "short", but i agree that raise/fold would be the best against villian type.


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                  If you min raise and then fold you are not short specially with this stacks at table . You still have 15bb left.
                  Nice job getting to FT but it is a shame to go out at this way, but we all learn from our mistake.
                  Me the other day in 11$ phase 2 just 10 players from bubble shoved in same spot and the same hand with 19 bb what to say I was not thinking
                  But now I learn my lection I hope



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