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How to win this hand? Saturday Micro $3.30 - AQ Offsuit on the Button

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  • How to win this hand? Saturday Micro $3.30 - AQ Offsuit on the Button

    It's Saturday Micro $3.30 with 15mins blind level. Should I 4-bet pre, should I fold to 3-bet pre, Should I not take a stab on the flop and take free cards, Should I just give up post flop? STATS :
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hi Adi

    Given villains stats I too would flat his 3bet and contimue to play cautiously. FLop is ok and I think there's an argument for betting or checking back, I'd personally check back because I wouldn't expect my bet to work very often and although we some outs I don't think an ace will be a clean out very often.

    Check/folding river is good. No need to be a hero at this stage of the tournament with only a small amount of info on villain.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Hi Adi,

      I'm still learning so my POV might not be the best but what I'm thinking from viewing the hand is this :

      -You clearly rep a semi wide range of hands by your 2B which can have motivated a try to resteal. Flatting indicates monsters are pretty much out of the question. Kx is totally in your range imo.

      -The flop being the most awkward spot, to rule out between checking back and Cbet, I like to add in my analysis my capacity to barrel on the turn. In this situation, barreling the turn leaves us with a 1k stack if it doesn't work, an ugly stack at such a stage, so I would go for the check. Your own stats i.e 100CB (depending if they're based on more than 1 hand), is another argument for checking here.

      -I would add that checking back on the 6 turn makes it easy for an opponent who seems passive and might've well been floating on the flop just gives him the pot there.

      I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts, and those of anyone on these points, as I'm by no means the most experienced player and could use sharpening my poker mind on a situation who comes by pretty often.




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