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$33 NLHE - Should I call this SB shove?

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  • $33 NLHE - Should I call this SB shove?

    We have all just cashed and I just got moved to a new table. Should I be calling this shove from the small blind shove with K5 suited?

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    After the bubble and a new table? So probably some players will be shoving light also not much information on these new players.

    My instincts with 25bb covering an 8bb shove (maths approximate)?
    a) Is it worth losing 8bb with K5s
    b) What range could they be shoving

    IMO it is a correct call on this range: 22+ Jx+ T2s+ T4o+ 92s+ 96o+ 83s+ 86o+ 73s+ 75o+ 63s+ 65o 53s+ 43s

    But I don't know if this is the correct time to call? This maybe a big leak in my game so I would like to learn from this too.


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      It depends ...

      Even if they are only shoving top 50% I suspect we are getting the right odds to call given the money out there. But I would expect it to be closer to any two cards so I'm calling, its not the end of the world if we lose. If we started with 15bb I'd be trying to get a psychic read on this player.
      Its interesting to note that K5s is a favourite versus a top 70% range, but K2s isn't.


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        I agree with what Profess Awe said.

        I think a lot of players after just cracking the money bubble would be shoving any two cards in this spot which K5s is a clear favourite over.

        Being a bit more precise - we're getting 1.4:1 on a call, meaning we have to win 41.6% of the time to make a +Chip EV call. At this stage, ICM doesn't really play too much of a role so I'm happy to just work on the assumption that just pure Chip EV is good enough for us here.

        I make it that K5s is approximately 41.6% against his range if he's shoving his top 37% (22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q7s+, J8s+, T8s+, 98s, 87s, 76s, A2o+, K6o+, Q9o+, JTo). I just constructed this range based on Equilab's default Open Raising Chart.

        This range seems way too tight for most villains in this spot and I'd need reads that he's a nit before making a fold in this spot.

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