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$11 phase Tournemant-How to lose 250BB in 2nd hand

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  • $11 phase Tournemant-How to lose 250BB in 2nd hand

    It is $11 Phase tournament it's new to pokerstars with 2 Day's (Phase 1 = Day 1 and Phase 2 = Day 2). I am playing Phase 1 where I need to survive 15 levels and it has 10mins blind level.

    This is 2nd hand of the tournament. So no reads.

    * I was thinking of folding preflop. But I didn't because his 8x raise was telling me that he had a big hand that's why I made the preflop call coz I knew I can take his whole stack if I hit my set. As his preflop 8x raise can't be 78s or 22s. Has to be AK+ JJ+

    * I also thought of checking the turn coz one of them can easily have a over set or straight or flush. But once I bet the turn I was pot committed and can't fold on river.

    * My only escape was checking the turn and maybe then I can fold on river to two shoves before me and save over 4250 chips. But I got greedy.

    How should I have played this hand

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    Hi adikumar2010! With 44, two players in the pot and a stack size deep enough to setmine, I’m absolutely calling behind here and hoping to flop a 4. The flop gives me a set, but has three clubs and the opp bets small. I absolutely need to raise here, but the BIG key in the hand is the sizing of it. With 2 opps, I need to raise by 2/3 pot to 433. I do not want to overbet here. By overbetting, I’m telling the opp that I have 2 pair, a set, flush or single Ac. Well, with him holding the nut flush, the ONLY hands I can have are 2 pair or a set…. So I just turned my hand face-up. On the turn, when it checks to me, I must make a bet here both for value and to protect against a player drawing to a single club. If I were to check here, I deserve to lose the hand, as I’m giving BOTH opps a +EV play. The key here is that a 2/3 pot value bet basically pot-commits me (not a good thing when I’m this deep). If I had a shorter stack I’d shove, but this many BB deep, I’ll just make a standard bet and re-evaluate on the river. On the river, while I do have a set, I can easily be beat by a flush or straight and there are TWO opps already in, so since it’s early and I have a playable stack, I’ll fold the river and look for a better spot to accumulate chips later. The problem with the hand was the overbet on the flop. It turned my cards face-up, so the opp knew exactly how to play the hand against me… call as long as the board doesn’t pair, then get it in on the river if the board does not pair. Yes, the hand’s a cooler, but it was bet very poorly and the bet sizing is something that I absolutely need to correct or I will be exploited by observant opponents time after time. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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      set mine is really profitable deep stack so i'll be calling pre as well

      flop with 3clubs on board and opponent just bet so little to just call that reraise it. My reason for it was if a club comes on the turn I'm ready for muck it. Yes, I will lose value but we already got 8x value preflop so no need to bloat the pot post flop this early in the game bec of implied odds

      turn ill be happy to just call their bet and river i will just call if no one goes all in bec we are afraid of the flush

      the way you played it it should be an easy fold on the river

      2871(143bbs) left at 10/20 is still too deep at this stage no need to say bahhhhh I need to call when it's clearly that your not ahead already.


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        Originally posted by marvinsytan View Post
        2871(143bbs) left at 10/20 is still too deep at this stage no need to say bahhhhh I need to call when it's clearly that your not ahead already.
        ^^This. I have never felt compelled to put my final 143bb in the middle during a tournament when I am almost certainly beat.
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          River I should have folded but was too sticky and tilted maybe to give it up. I think 8 outs of 10 times I will be beat there.
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