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15$ STT SNG fifty/fifty| Pocket 5's| Unsure of whole hand

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  • 15$ STT SNG fifty/fifty| Pocket 5's| Unsure of whole hand

    Here is the info on both villains: Villain 1 : VPIP 14/PFR 11/ 3bets preflop 4: Info from 134 hands Villain 3 : VPIP 33/PFR 22/ 3bets 13: info from 27 hands. I was hesitant about the whole hand play starting from even raising/folding initial hand. I think my initial half pot bet is ok, but from seeing the replay, I think I shold probably have kept betting on the turn. On the river, I'm not sure if I should've reraised as him slowplaying an inital higher pocket could make sense based on how he played, but surely not after his turn play. This is my 1st time posting a hand for review, so if there is anything I'm missing, don't be shy to point it out. Thanks, Ark
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    In the early stages we still need to be quite tight. With 3 empty seats and our stack size (bad math 35bb+) looking at the stacks around the table we don't want to be involved with same stacks / marginal hands. And the blinds are going up fast - is this your spot?

    So 7 players 2 to bust, do we hope 55 hits a set and we have big chips? Stats are speculation if 6 handed bubble in a 5050 or we can give up position now at this stage with a small pair.

    I've played 100x $7 5050 games and down a couple of buy-ins, then gave up! These games are tough to pick your spot. Other PSO HA people can help on this hand. I'm not raising into 5 players. Call me a nit.


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      Hi Forrest,

      This was the 5th blind level, so we're pretty much in middle stage already and in most sng cases I think 55's are just at the bottom of the raising side. I have to admit the raise was probably too small and indicated my mental state at the moment : Between raising and folding. It did isolate the BB though which was what I wanted to do initially; I knew the SB enough to know he was in a shove or fold position, even with small raise.
      Then, I was ready to play the flop against the loose BB. Just analyzing this makes me realize that I am giving him too wide of a range by raising this small, and alot of flops would've been a nightmare to play if he 3 betted. I am pretty new to seriously analyzing my hands so I might be off here; Even playing 15$ wasn't a great decision bankroll wise.

      That being said, it is mostly the post-flop play that was interesting to me, even if it's always hard to analyze a play when it started off shaky.



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        Hi Ark! I notice that you mention bankroll management in post 3. When playing tournaments, I need to have 100 buy-ins in my bankroll before playing games at a given level. For a $15 tourney, I would need to have $1500 in my roll. If I don't have this many buy-ins, then I'm risking busting my bankroll when a variance run hits. Sooner or later you will hit one of these streaks and they can last for 20-30 or even more games, where you don't cash in a single one of them (even making the correct plays throughout). Here's the way that I'd have played the hand. With 55, when it folds to me, I'm going to make a standard opening raise preflop. When the board has a pair and the opp checks, since I'm in position, I'm going to make a standard value bet, which is 1/2 pot since there is one opp. The turn is an overcard and the opp checks again. I'm going to make another standard value bet of 1/2 pot again. My plan for the hand is to fold if the opp raises and if they call, I will re-evaluate on the river planning to check behind and go to showdown with any non 5 river. With the opp playing 33% of hands, they don't have to have a Q, they could have a 9, 4, pair or air. In a situation like this, I'm happier making a 2nd bet on the turn, as I get to be the one in control of the pot and by keeping the lead in the hand and having bet every street, it's much harder for the opp to bluff the river. If I bet pre, flop and turn and the opp does lead the river, then I'm most likely beat and need to give up..... as played, I'm going to make a crying call on the river, as the opp could have interpreted my line as a standard c-bet on the flop with a miss, then give up on the turn due to not having a queen... which would lead to a bluff or what they think is a value bet with 4x or . I totally discount a higher pocket pair, as the opp did not lead nor raise any street until the river. Basically the only pocket pair that they could realistically show up with here is 44 (and that hand should fold to a turn bet). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) Tweet this hand on Twitter using the Tweet button above for a chance to win a seat in the next $5,000 guaranteed Big Bang tournament. You MUST include #LearnPoker and @PokerStarsPSO in your tweet. Winners will be notified by email every Monday. Good luck!

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