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Progressing past slightly winning / breakeven results

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  • Progressing past slightly winning / breakeven results

    Hey guys, been playing tourney poker / sng's on Stars since around '07. I started off a breakeven player (had a bit of a knack for the game but also competition was pretty soft back then). Slowly got better by practice and reading. 2010-2011 I had two pretty good years, winning a few grand (playing exclusively micro stakes). But ever since then, I'm on a breakeven roller-coaster. It really seems to me that the major factor holding me back is pretty much ZERO run good deep into tourneys. I'm now on my worst downswing ever ($1k) while playing pretty decent poker (IMO). Could I improve and refine my game? Certainly. Should I be on a 1k free-fall? Hell no! I'm no whiner and can see long-term. But slowly, I'm beginning to think that towards the extremes of the luck spectrum's there are idiots rolling in dough and excellent players with ho-hum results. I'm opted-in to SharkScope and OpRankings if anyone wants to see my stats.

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    So what steps are you taking to improve your game at the moment? What are your weaknesses?
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      To be honest, almost nothing (to improve). I have a CardRunners subscription that I am basically squandering. And I know I should delve back into poker theory to improve. My late tourney play (adjusting to increased good player-to-donk ratio, stealing more etc could use some work). But that 300K pot with 30 people left has to hold. And it hasn't, for hundreds of tourneys. I probably don't know exactly my weaknesses, but I think I need to up my aggression "some", I need to get good with (and use) my HUD. But I really do think I'm quite a bit better than my results indicate (while also being aware that EVERYONE thinks that).


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        Haha true. Do you have any of your bust our hands (or at least the key ones that are the turning point) that people might be able to look at to help?
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          The actual bust out hands are generally pretty straight forward, and 9 times out of 10 I have the bulk of equity when the chips go in. But there are a thousand other things to work on I'm sure, going more for the big stack than the min cash so I can withstand more beats etc.


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            Blah I guess I'm just experiencing variance, and not polishing my game enough. Need to do some of that damn hard work stuff to improve.


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              Do you steal?

              With the videos you're looking at, (e.g. Cardrunners), do you take notes? Do you pause the videos to ask what the main player did in these spots?

              Good luck.


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                the motto in poker "get better everyday" if you don't then you will be left behind


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                  Thanks for the input. I am currently on a break from online play. I am doing some studying. I plan on getting my poker mind back in shape. Then I will be making a deposit and starting to grind again, and hopefully the results will follow.



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