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Micromillions, Extracting value from a monster that is obvious on the board

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  • Micromillions, Extracting value from a monster that is obvious on the board

    15/30 blind level of MicroMillions $5.50 NLHE and we're all pretty much at starting stacks except UTG who is super fishy with 77/23 VPIP/PFR. UTG limps, naturally, MP1 raises 5x, the hijack calls, and I choose to call in the SB with A9s. UTG comes along for the ride too. The flop comes 9c 5s 9d and I have trips with top kicker. No completed straight draws and no flush draws on the board yet so only 95 beats me so I'm happy. Action is on me, and knowing the crazy UTG fish bets a ton I check. He leads out for 120 into a 620 pot. MP1 folds, hijack calls, and I just call behind. The turn is Qh which is a great card: no backdoor flushes and still no completed straight draws, although there is the small chance the fish has Q9. I again check to let the fish bet, he again just puts 120 into a 990 pot. Hijack calls. This time I re-raise a small amount to 330. The fish folds, the hijack calls so the pot is now 990. The river is the 9s giving me quads and the nuts. On the one hand it's great to have quads, but on the other hand maybe it makes it less likely I'll get any value. Or maybe if the hijack has a made hand he thinks it less likely I have a 9 and he goes for it? I bet 40% (708 into 1770), and get a call. Hijack turns over 66 for a full house which loses to my quads. My question is do we think I got the most value from this hand, or is there anything I should be doing differently. I sometimes wonder if I play these too passively? Thanks for any insight!
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    Hi Plastic Pearl

    I'd opt to fold preflop as it's very likely we are outkicked however as we're all so deep and it' a multi way pot then calling isn't so bad.

    Checking calling the flop is fine as is check raising the turn, especially when villain bets only 120 into a pot of 990. If we have any chance in winning a large pot or even stacking someone we need to raise the turn, and we need to raise to more than 330 (less than 3x the size of villains bet and just over 25% of the pot).

    When we raise this small it really stinks of a strong hand and you'll often only get Qx to pay you off and Qx will fold a lot of the time. Your bet sizing on the river is fine, it's a standard value bet size but we could perhaps pot it on the river! It's unlikely that you have quads so villain will put you on either Qx or a bluff, and weak fishy players will bluff catch you with almost anything.

    You played the hand fine but you ought to checkraise the turn to at least 450, ideally 600 ish imo.

    Cheers, Chris.

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      Cool thanks Chris. I think a weakness of mine is being scared to raise larger forcing the bottom of the villain's raise to fold, rather than thinking about what I can get from the top end. Thanks!
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