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6-Max SNGs Discussion Thread

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  • 6-Max SNGs Discussion Thread

    So lets try and bring some life to this forum!

    I've noticed that my weakness is definitely post-flop play: getting reads on opponents, knowing when to apply pressure and when to back off etc. I think 6-Max will be really good for me to learn some of these skills as more action and spots, so I'm going to play the SNGs and work hard at becoming an expert here. My long term goal is to be a MTT player so I am sure that this will help. I intend to use this thread to post some spots, discuss learnings etc. Would be cool to get a community of 6-Max SNGers together. Feel free to join in! What're people's experiences with this format?
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    Just me at the moment huh? So far I've played 18 of these and won 7 for a profit of $8.28 (30.7% ROI). Obviously way too small of a sample for it to mean the slightest thing but the quality of player in the $1.50 games is very weak for sure. Players are generally too open at the early levels, often leaving them too short to maneuver at the 25/50 level and removing the ability to 3bet as a tool. Then when we get to 4 handed play everyone generally tightens up and it is easy to abuse the button. Aggression certainly helps.

    What I have also found interesting is that all 7 times when I have got to heads up, I have won. Sure a part of that will be run good, but I definitely think a lot of the heads up play is really really weak. In one I played just now he was folding maybe as much as 50% of his button hands, if he had a weak hand he called, and if he had a strong hand he 3x'd. Way too easy to read and abuse.
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      Oh, the Single Table Turbo 6-max games. Have some experience but just lose in the long run. In my first 100 $1.50 games felt confident I was crushing them. Then all the same "random" or variance of player betting lines kick in. Recreational players don't seem to play a hand the same way. So "it depends" either: a) Very passive win chips then start to play properly -or- continue passively and still use the minimum of chips. b) Loose and bluff every flop and when caught out just start 3bet jamming -or- over bet flops so never give a price to call. Over 350 $1.50 games I'm down about 10 buy-ins which sucks. Played some at $3.50 and the same feeling about the player pool, a) & b) above though reduced, seemed I was more profitable in the first 100 games. Now after 150 $3.50 games down just 60c. Would be great to get some help in these games. In my own game playing 6-max cash and after a very large sample size losing money in the blinds by defending was a huge leak. Plugging that saves money. Unfortunately in a single table turbo 6-max game this may be damaging over all results. Just not caring about defending in the small blind and playing oop. Or for that matter the big blind unless I have premium hands. Just some thoughts. Don't think there is a specialist trainer for this so good luck. umbup:
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        Feel like a hypocrite after posting above and playing some 2c/5c 6-max cash. I can't fold in bb 86s to a min open raise from the btn. The remainder of the hand is just I don't believe the sb lead!

        In a STT we don't have this many cash table blinds (50bb-250bb) to mess around with.

        We start with 75bb and as levels escalate quickly it gets worse then at 18bb what are we doing with this hand wasting one blind and then on the next streets it's for your tournament life on a bluff bet.

        I need two brains one for STT and one for cash.


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          I'm playing the regular speeds rather than the turbos which I think gives me a little bit more an edge. It becomes a little less about who picks up the big cards and more about who can play. I also find if you play it really tight at 10/20 and 15/30 and don't get involved in big pots unless you're sure you have it, you will normally find at least 2 opponents knock themselves out before the 25/50 and your odds of winning have gone up without you having to do anything. Then shoving wide becomes profitable as people don't understand what they should be calling with. Once I've got some volume behind me I'll do some analysis and share the results.

          And nice hand. I imagine the SB threw up on his monitor
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            The the SB threw up on his monitor
            Button AQ was feeling very
            Small blind gets a free card and hits a gut shot straight then leading into 2 players? A made flush or straight flush
            Didn't know which one had my baby flush beat. The HA question is why bet turn/river what worse will call?

            ME only because 2 players never bet flop. Just guessing? Sometimes would one of them semi-bluff the flop?


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              Digging this old thread up. Moved onto 45 man these days but decided to return to these while the Golden Sit n Go promotion is on: more volume and more chance of hitting. Having played 6 tonight (won 3 cashed in 4) I realised these games are more soft than usual at the moment, a lot more people shoving randomly in the first couple hands. Kind of like the Spin n Gos, I think some people are just playing to hit a jackpot and don't care when they don't. Might be worth playing while the promo is on.
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                Sounds good, PlasticPearl, there's definitely a curiosity phenomenon with the promotion being on.

                Every time I try a new game, my bankroll suffers, which is the cost of learning I guess.

                Which of the games do you recommend (both 6-Max and FR?)


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                  Ah well, first 6-Max game played and won.

                  Although I don't think I have great flop play, my table was rather soft.


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                    I usually play 6-Max cash and FR MTT, so for STT's I like 6-max. For me the key is to be super nitty for the first 3 levels and usually the table will go to the bubble. You might then be in 3rd place unless you've picked up a big win. But a lot of them don't seem to know how to play push/fold and it's quite easy to chip up winning a big pot and then make it heads up.
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                      That's fairly how I start tourneys usually, not risking too much at the low levels. All in all some good results so far: 3 games, 2 STTs , 1 18-man: 1 win and one 2nd at the STTs, and unfortunately bubbled up the FT for the 18-man, but that's because I didn't follow my own guidelines or playing tight early.

                      For both STTs I was the biggest stack before and at Heads Up.

                      I find the skill levels quite polarised: one one hand in STTs the players do not seem very good at $1.50, but on the other hand, there were tougher players at the 18-man, probably several who can outplay me at post-flop play or such was the impression on that single sample.

                      The 6-Max games seem good games to improve pre-flop 3-bet ranges and post-flop play.

                      The STTs at $1.50 seem soft enough for now to also be able to build up the bankroll with them.


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                        Another 2nd place in the STT and I am starting to think it's a great format to study player tendencies as well. Busted out in 2nd after I called a shove from K3o with A8s, and of course, a tiny 3 is given to the opponent on the board.


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                          Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
                          then at 18bb what are we doing with this hand wasting one blind and then on the next streets it's for your tournament life on a bluff bet.
                          Calling pre with 86s on 18bb is a pretty big mistake imo, I would generally play it as shove or fold depending on the button opener and fold more often than not (and readless)
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                            I'm pretty experienced in these but would like to improve. I'm currently playing 20+ per day on another site at anything from €2 to €20 (making a loss at the €20's over a small sample so really want to improve)

                            Biggest tip is identify the Regs and avoid tables full of them.

                            Unfortunately 6 Max is close to being "solved" ie many players know a Sit and Go strategy of playing tight at the start and loosening up as the players thin and blinds increase so table selection is probably more critical than ever. Although I've never used one, shove and fold charts have really improved players abilities so consider checking them out.

                            My Sharkscope is open, most of my profits have come from 6 max LIMIT SnGs but I apply the same strategy in these as I would in NL.


                            When you know how a player plays then you can adapt to them but you also have to adapt to the whole table. On a really nitty table (which is a rarity at micro stakes) then you should widen your starting range and be the LAG at the table. Otherwise just play tight and pick off the LAGs with your stronger range.

                            Steal less in the early levels but steal a lot more later in the game. Your overall steal rate won't change so ABC regs using a HUD won't have a clue your doing this.

                            Be aware of your own image especially to new players but basically bet hard when you have strong hands ie. play a TAG game.

                            Hope this helps.
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                              hi been playing 6 max regularly. would like to learn how other people/players think as well. I've been playing a lot of 6max for the past 16 months. I would like to join this thread. Just a question - say you're playing 4 tables and you have 1 or 2 opponent on all tables (regular like me), how do you deal with their range, bluffing tendency and how to play back at them( trapping is not really my style)- I trapped them by being aggressive so they can't put me in a hand. I bet whether I have it or not. and what is the best situation not to put in the third barrel and to put it in, Thanks guys. good luck



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