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Early River Line Decision - Big $11 Tournament Hand

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  • Early River Line Decision - Big $11 Tournament Hand

    Hi, I thought this was interesting, villain is unknown as we are only a 8 hands into Big11. Say villain shoves over our river bet, is this a fold?

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    Wow a limpy limpy limpy table early stages. What a price and then, not only flop just a hope, we hit the big one. I'm leading our boat and if not then check / raising any interest.

    Not your question though. We know that quads, any ship sailing and a straight flush beats us. So how many combos in a limped pot pre? So nice hand sir and bet fold river. Too early to go for broke.


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      I would lead this flop. Despite us flopping a full house, there are still plenty of hands that villains can call and maybe even raise us with especially in a 5-way limped pot.

      The river is pretty tricky now, but I think that bet/folding is probably best. Just given how he played this hand, limping under the gun, making a very small flop bet multiway, I'd probably guess that he's on the passive-fishy side.

      I think it's possible for him to hold all bigger boats. 5x is more difficult to imagine unless it's 75s, 65s or 53s. Flushes are also possible, as are non-boat 6x. However I doubt that villain raises with anything that we beat because even fish are aware that a full house is a pretty likely holding.

      So bet/folding will likely get calls from some worse stuff (any 5x he may have, 87, 6x and flushes) but if he raises, I think we're going to be beat pretty much always. 88, 77, 76, 86, 64 all make sense given how he played.

      And for the bet sizing, I wouldn't even go that big, I'd just bet 1/2 pot hoping that 5x or a flush calls and I'd even fold to a relatively small raise and certainly fold to a jam, our hand is not that strong now.

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        Thanks both. Interesting that you both mentioned leading, I am certain my normal intention would be to c/r there so don't know why that didn't happen. I still prefer check raising as think it will be easier to get more than one bet in versus leading.

        Against an unknown I don't believe they get to the river after calling turn with 77, 76, 64 100% of the time. I also think an unknown could ship a flush on the river some of the time. So I was thinking villain could have 88, 86 and flushes and how often does villain have slow played earlier boats or go mad with 6x or 5x ... I called to see the 88

        I think if I want a flush to call and make bet folding a simpler decision we can make a chunky bet on the river. It sounds like I am willing to give a Big11 unknown more credit for raising turn with boat and less credit for overvaluing a flush on paired 4 to straight board.

        Thanks again!


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