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Deep stack pressure !

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  • Deep stack pressure !

    It's $3.30 Progressive Super Knock Out. 10mins blind level. Not ITM yet. What should I do here? I think most probably you will say call and then what do I do when he 1/2 pot bet on any turn (Except Q coz then I will move him in ). On turn pot will be 16730 once I call and he has 16958, so if he moves all-in or bets 8200 (i.e. 1/2 pot = 1/2 his stack) what am I gonna do? What is the future plan ! PS: I summarize it either we need to go all-in now or fold, coz on turn he will just have pot bet left in his stack. So I don't think I can call here and play pray poker that it goes check-check on turn & river. So if I should move all-in then why and if I should fold then why? (Calling is highly risky as we need to pray that he slows down) PokerStars Hand #118632996116: Tournament #933578789, $1.50+$1.50+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (200/400) - 2014/07/12 1:44:10 IST [2014/07/11 16:14:10 ET] Table '933578789 255' 9-max Seat #9 is the button Seat 1: LVEit2Beaver (39554 in chips) Seat 2: Batia_Arunas (15896 in chips) Seat 3: Kenneth_64 (24848 in chips) Seat 4: vvostok (7306 in chips) Seat 5: mostarsc (70661 in chips) Seat 6: silverfox2 (4367 in chips) Seat 7: D.playah489 (13793 in chips) Seat 8: Zielony3k (24777 in chips) Seat 9: adikumar2010 (19687 in chips) LVEit2Beaver: posts the ante 50 Batia_Arunas: posts the ante 50 Kenneth_64: posts the ante 50 vvostok: posts the ante 50 mostarsc: posts the ante 50 silverfox2: posts the ante 50 D.playah489: posts the ante 50 Zielony3k: posts the ante 50 adikumar2010: posts the ante 50 LVEit2Beaver: posts small blind 200 Batia_Arunas: posts big blind 400 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] Kenneth_64: calls 400 vvostok: folds mostarsc: folds silverfox2: folds D.playah489: folds Zielony3k: folds adikumar2010: raises 800 to 1200 LVEit2Beaver: folds Batia_Arunas: folds Kenneth_64: calls 800 *** FLOP *** [ ] Kenneth_64: checks adikumar2010: bets 1720 Kenneth_64: raises 4920 to 6640 adikumar2010: STATS :
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    Hi adi,

    I think this is a pretty straight forward fold tbh. This board hits part of his preflop limp/calling range really hard, and that's the part that would conceivably be putting in a big flop check-raise. He's been playing 23/10 over a limited sample, so we can't really rule out sets, especially 77, but even 99 or TT. Mid-range suited connecters and 1 gappers also fit the bill, so T9, 97, 68 are in there. The hands that might go nuts which we are ahead of now will still have a fair bit of equity as they'll usually include an 8, like T8, 98, 87... so we're either ahead by a small amount or way behind much of the time. Just fold and move on with 42bb imo.
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