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Same situation !

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  • Same situation !

    An almost same situation to the hand I posted 10mins back ( It is $11 Phased tournament it's new to pokerstars with 2 Day's (Phase 1 = Day 1 and Phase 2 = Day 2). I am playing Phase 1 where I need to survive 15 levels and it has 10mins blind level. I am in level 1. What should I take of his river check raise ? I thought I was value betting river. Or maybe I should just check the river PokerStars Hand #118467060633: Tournament #932436573, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2014/07/08 1:59:28 IST [2014/07/07 16:29:28 ET] Table '932436573 8' 9-max Seat #8 is the button Seat 1: girgl.50 (4790 in chips) Seat 2: Mr.Moe1987 (4665 in chips) Seat 3: searchdog715 (5170 in chips) Seat 4: turkeyneck39 (4970 in chips) Seat 5: adikumar2010 (4970 in chips) Seat 6: pilf1 (4920 in chips) Seat 8: pakada (5000 in chips) Seat 9: KOTLYAREVSKA (4980 in chips) KOTLYAREVSKA: posts small blind 10 girgl.50: posts big blind 20 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] Mr.Moe1987: folds searchdog715: calls 20 turkeyneck39: folds adikumar2010: raises 80 to 100 pilf1: folds pakada: folds KOTLYAREVSKA: folds girgl.50: folds searchdog715: calls 80 *** FLOP *** [ ] searchdog715: checks adikumar2010: bets 153 searchdog715: calls 153 *** TURN *** [ ] [] searchdog715: checks adikumar2010: bets 327 searchdog715: raises 327 to 654 adikumar2010: calls 327 *** RIVER *** [ ] [] searchdog715: checks adikumar2010: bets 789 searchdog715: raises 3422 to 4211 adikumar2010: STATS :
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    Not sure why you're betting the river. This is a check back OTR.


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      Hi adikumar2010! With KK (or any other hand that I want to play preflop), I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper. The key is to make a standard raise. In your other hands you were opening to 2.5BB, now all of a sudden, you're opening to 4BB with a premium hand.... this is a bet tell that an observant opponent is going to pick up on and exploit. When making bets and raises, I need to keep all of them standard so that I do not turn my cards face-up to the opponent. The flop is all unders to my KK, but has a flush draw. When the opp checks to me, I need to make a standard value bet of 1/2 pot. The bet that was made here is another tell due to the sizing of it.. as it's too big. The opp should say to themselves.. abnormally large bet twice = monster hand. The turn completes an OESD and once again, with my KK, I need to make a standard 1/2 pot value bet, as once again, I do not want to overbet. The opp has now seen 3 overbets in a row (screams monster pair) and now min check/raises me... this is sounding off every alarm in the building to me. The opp knows I have a big pair due to the overbets and they want to raise me and raise small enough so that I have to call with most hands... this is a BIG problem. If the opp had a draw, they'll probably just call, but they want to raise me, which says that they can beat a big pair (most likely set or straight and with a wide preflop range, all of these are in play). The other problem is that this opp has been very passive (not raised) and is now raising the turn. Passive opps that all of a sudden want to bet, basically always have it. Honestly, due to the bet sizes and turning my cards face-up, I'm mucking to the c/r here. When the river is an A and the opp checks, I'm absolutely checking behind. I'm most likely was already beat on the turn and now, the majority of the hands that I was ahead of (Ax) also now crush me. When the opp check/raises big here.. it's an easy instant muck. The problems with this hand are the overbets preflop, flop and turn and then when a passive opp check/raises me.. I'm basically always beat, especially when the opp knows my exact hand due to turning the cards face-up due to the bet sizes. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        My opening bet size was different here coz this is 1st level and in the other hand I posted it was 5th level so stack are bit shallow.
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