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  • What's the best play

    It's on a poker website which doesn't have HH, so I want to know whats the best action on flop. It's $1.67 buy-in tourny with 7mins blind level and 1500 starting stack. Around 88 players total. This is level 3: 25/50 But I am watching the blind level countdown and in 1min 30sec blinds will go 50/100. Table is now 8 handed. I have 1400 chips which is 28BB but it will become 14BB after max 1 hand. Hero: Preflop Player 1 (UTG): Calls 50 (Stack: 1200) Player 2 (UTG+1): Calls 50 (Stack: 1300) Player 3 (MP): Folds Player 4 (HJ): Folds Hero (CO): Raises to 250 (Stack: 1400) Villain (D): Calls 250 (His stack is 2100) Player 5 (SB): Folds Player 6 (BB): Folds Player 1 (UTG): Folds Player 2 (UTG+1): Folds Flop: Pot Size: 675 Hero: :Question: Villain: Action pending I have 1150 left and player 5 has around 1850. * It's the most fish infested online tournament you can think off. Now I can do 3 things either check-raise all-in or check-call or directly shove. PS: Also I was thinking of shoving directly which is huge 28BB to win 3.5BB but in 1-2 hands that stack will be like 14BB only. Should I just shove preflop or raise as I did.
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  • #2
    PFR is good. OTF I would X/Shove.


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      Preflop I agree with your rais size, I think 28BB is too large to be just open-shoving over a couple of limps.

      On the flop I'm actually going to suggest a fourth option, I would just CBet this board, like half pot for value and call a jam as we have decent equity against almost everything.

      x/jamming is also very reasonable.

      It's also nice to fold out villain's equity with his random overcards that might hit the turn.


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        Just a note. If we CBet this board we'll need to jam the turn if villain just calls. Still ok if you ask me. We're going to have 810 left and the pot is going to be 1355.

        Reason why I like x,jamming is that we fold out all their air and we're ahead of all the villains draws.


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          So your plan is to c-bet and once called we are shoving turn even if turn card doesnt help us right?
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            BTW I did shove directly and he called me with 44's
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