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    It is $11 Phased tournament it's new to pokerstars with 2 Day's (Phase 1 = Day 1 and Phase 2 = Day 2). I am playing Phase 1 where I need to survive 15 levels and it has 10mins blind level. I am in level 5. What should I take of his flop check raise PokerStars Hand #118452369535: Tournament #932436571, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level V (50/100) - 2014/07/07 20:44:26 IST [2014/07/07 11:14:26 ET] Table '932436571 4' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 1: LIAA19 (4880 in chips) Seat 2: Vatti 16 (4760 in chips) is sitting out Seat 3: Hafaelo (4980 in chips) Seat 4: Aziz.Mancha (5296 in chips) Seat 5: Sharkhan2013 (12096 in chips) Seat 7: adikumar2010 (5230 in chips) Seat 8: BlackNoD (8753 in chips) Seat 9: losgalatorta (4000 in chips) BlackNoD: posts small blind 50 losgalatorta: posts big blind 100 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [ ] LIAA19: folds Vatti 16: folds Hafaelo: folds Aziz.Mancha: folds Sharkhan2013: raises 100 to 200 adikumar2010: raises 400 to 600 BlackNoD: folds losgalatorta: folds Sharkhan2013: raises 400 to 1000 adikumar2010: calls 400 *** FLOP *** [ ] Sharkhan2013: checks adikumar2010: bets 1100 Sharkhan2013: raises 1100 to 2200 adikumar2010: STATS : EQUITY : * Pot odds are 17% and hand equity is 28%. And in worst case I have 18% hand equity. But that doesn't matter if I am already crushed.
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    Hi Adi,

    Let's take it street by street, starting with preflop, which is the most critical street as it sets up the entire rest of the hand.

    I generally dislike 3-betting here on a 52bb stack. It's unclear how wide he might be opening the cut off, or how loose he'll continue for a 3b, so I don't see any clear exploitation there. 3-betting also has the drawbacks of diluting our positional advantage by bloating the pot, forcing us to fold a very playable hand in position to a normal 4-bet, and forcing the 2 fishy players in the blinds to fold a lot of dominated hands and garbage they would otherwise come along with. It also increases our variance by bloating the pot when we get action, thus making it difficult for us to exercise some stack protection.

    Flatting keeps the pot smaller, providing for a higher stack to pot ratio and more positional advantage. It keeps the raisers range wide so his dominated hands stay in the pot. It allows the fishy blinds to peel with dominated hands, increasing our value. It allows us to practice some stack protection by deciding if/when we want the pot to get big, rather than making it big preflop before we know yet. It will allow us the room to float and steal post flop when the situation warrants. So without a somewhat clear exploitation for 3-betting this spot, I prefer not to give up all the benefits of flatting in position with this playable a hand on this depth of money.

    I really hate getting 4b, but the villain has sucked us in to calling now by virtue of his terrible min-bet sizing.

    When he checks the flop to us, I would strongly consider checking it back. It seems hard to get value from many worse hands betting now, as he will rate to have a lot of pocket pairs under the Q and ace highs, with an occasional trap. Give him a chance to bluff the turn, or if he checks again, now you can value bet and be more likely to get 2 streets from JJ because he's suspicious you checked the flop.

    As played, I would go with the hand. When you bloat the pot like this you're creating a scenario that's going to be hard pressed to fold a strong 1 pair holding because the stack to pot ratio is so low now. And, the villain is fishy by his stats thus far and also has taken a nonsense line with his min-4b and min-check/raise on the flop. I would tend to call so we keep all potential silly bluffs in his range and allow him to blast them off on the turn. If he checks turn, probably just move in.

    Equity runs are a nice exercise, but basing your equity on these ranges you've assigned just will not work in the real world. A rational player won't c/r AA/KK on the flop here after 4betting pre. Likewise with AsKs. As I said above I think the villain is not rational as the line is kind of a nonsense line, so he can have some combos of these, but we can't count them all realistically, nor can we exclude all combos of silly bluffs, and bad showdown value hand plays like QcKc, JJ, or AdKd.

    In short, we've bloated the pot so much, and villain is fishy enough, that I think we just have to go with it. I'm not happy about it, but when you reraise preflop and call a 4-bet on a 52bb stack, what were you hoping for?
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      Preflop is my mistake of 3-betting a loose player with not so great hand and bloat the pot where I can't fold post-flop anywhere. I was hoping to stack him when I get exactly this kind of board. On a side note when will I learn 4 things: 1) They are not capable of 4-betting light preflop 2) They are not capable of min check-raising as a bluff 3) They will never ever check-raise on river with worst then a set 4) They are not capable of min-raising as a bluff on any street * They = Micro Stakes Players. I will write them down on my sticky notes in Windows 8 and repeat before every session.
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