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Bad bluff target !

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  • Bad bluff target !

    It is a $1.65 buyin MTT with 89 players on some other website. 1500 starting stack and 7 mins blind level. We both had 1500 starting stack it was 3rd hand of the tourny. It is super fish infested MTT. People are saying it's a bad idea to bluff fish Maybe it's a fold in 1st level but post-flop I could have just given up, I don't know what I should have done post-flop differently other then just giving up once opponent called my C-bet. Blinds: 10/20 New game My Hole Cards Preflop sursrav (UTG) folded sshukla (MP) folded 10ce30012 (HJ) folded adikumar2010 (CO) raised to 60 zuki77 (B) folded anand1689 (SB) folded seesaffron (BB) called 40 Flop cards Pot Size: 130 seesaffron checked adikumar2010 raised 66 seesaffron called 66 Turn card Pot Size: 262 seesaffron checked adikumar2010 raised 159 seesaffron called 159 River card Pot Size: 580 seesaffron checked adikumar2010 raised 390 seesaffron called 390 adikumar2010 shows seesaffron shows Winner seesaffron amount 1360, One Pair,
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    Remember that old saying that goes something like this... Play tight against loose players and play loose against tight players? Well this is a prime example of why this saying still holds true.

    Raising preflop is fine and I too would c-bet the flop but giving up on the turn is best especially at this blind level and against fish. The turn card gives you an extra out but it's not a bad card for his range.#

    Bluffing off nearly half of our chips at this stage of the tournament is a massive leak.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      I think if I was up against even 1% sane player he would have thrown away his hand at some point. I was very much sure that he is either on draw or have very weak pair. So read wise I was correct, but the next thing I should know if they are capable of throwing away bottom pair.

      It's like you if you are 5-betting preflop a fish with whatever hand you have, and you put him on TT-JJ or AK. You know that almost every good player will fold once 5-betted but other thing we should know is if that player is capable of folding JJ preflop, if not then no point bluffing them.
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