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TheBig$3.30 Ranges and Too loose?

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  • TheBig$3.30 Ranges and Too loose?

    Right this one puzzled me too when I was trying to consider ranges.I wanted to ask what you would put him on at each step.The villain and most of the table at this stage (bar vovan and miha) was pretty loose and aggro.I was also going to ask if,considering that,this was too loose on my part.But watching it again I think it was an awful play,woops. Pre-flop I couldn't narrow him to anything,then after the flop betting I thought a very weak Q (he would have raised Q9 pre) or or 79s? I didn't think he would re-raise a draw.After his shove on the turn I thought the same unless he had the draw or total air.I never expected what he had.Maybe I should have, but the way the table had been he didn't need to induce with a limp I would have thought.Was this train of thought valid and what would you put him on? OK those are my range/bet size questions for a while,cheers,Sulon.

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    Hi Sulon,

    I don't track well with the train of thought. If the table was playing very aggressive as you said, then it's not unreasonable for someone to limp in EP with a premium pair, planning to limp-reraise. So I would not exclude completely AA/KK from his range. I also wouldn't exclude hands like Q9s (I disagree that most players raise this hand UTG at a full table, that would be very LAGgy and imo not a good open on a table that's already highly aggressive where the Q9 would stand to be 3-bet a fair bit or flatted multiple ways a fair bit of other times. I expect their range to be heavy in broadways like KQ/QJ/KJs/KTs, small/medium pocket pairs, and maybe A-x suited depending on how loose they are... hands that they want to see a flop with, but don't want to face a 3-bet, so they limp planning to call a single raise (which they expect at a table dynamic such as you describe). And some AA/KK combos they are getting tricky with.

    On the flop, this is just a fold imo. His entire raising range crushes us. Yes he as a few combo draws in that range like KhTh/JhTh/AhXh, but even those are a small favorite or not far behind equity wise. And the rest of his holdings are smashing us, we are out kicked, or drawing dead to runner runner when against Q9/77/99. Ironically, in terms of made hands, we fair the best against AA/KK, but still it's only 5 outs for us.
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      Hey cheers for your answers Dave,they help a-lot.I guess in this hand AA/KK makes the most sense(results aside)limping to trap.See you in class,Sulon.


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        on the flop, im not betting because im out of position

        if opp bets 100% of the pot. I'll fold if he bets 50% I'll call one bet hoping for a cheap showdown and defo fold the turn bet assuming I did not hit 2 pr.

        gl Sulon



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