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TheBig$3.30 Ranges and bet sizing?

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  • TheBig$3.30 Ranges and bet sizing?

    Hmmm when I look at this hand again I am happy with my bet sizing but at the time I noted to ask about it,what do you think? My main questions here are about what you think his range would be at each step of the hand from UTG+1 min-raise,calling my 3bet (when I thought"Oh dear") then folding when the K flopped.It would really help if I could have a walk through of your thoughts because I suck at ranging people and this hand surprised me,I could only put him on QQ or maybe AQ? The villain and whole table had been playing solid ABC.I watched an old live session Dave did a while back on ranges which helped and will keep trawling the library,thanks again,Sulon.

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    Hi Sulon,

    The 3b sizing is just too large... a more standard sizing on this depth of money would be in the 2400-2600 range. I can't stress enough the importance of observing your opponents and gathering reads, especially if you're not running a hud and thus have no statistical data to refer to... if the villain is a whale then a larger 3b sizing is fine as they will call with lots of worse hands. When you raise this large and get called and think "oh dear", I'm guessing that wasn't the case... and thus is the reason to not size so large, you will tend to fold out the weaker parts of his opening range and only get action from the stronger parts.

    As for his range, I seriously doubt he had QQ as that holding should 4-bet all in preflop. Here's the thing though... he starts the hand with 22 big blinds, opens for 2 of them, then calls a 3-bet to 7bb's from out of position... on his stack there is no holding he should call with here (except maybe AA/KK to trap, which would be fine). Clearly he was not trapping with AA/KK since he folded the flop, so we now have a read... probably a weak and/or inexperienced player. AQ, and small pairs trying to (incorrectly) set mine would be my guess. We can't rule out stupid stuff like QTs trying to get a lucky flop either... this would be a gross preflop mistake but yeah, you'll see it.
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