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TheHot$.55 ??? and ranges

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  • TheHot$.55 ??? and ranges

    I really don't know where to start with this one.Like I said in a previous post,I really struggle most times to put people on hands or even within a certain range.You may want to pause the replay before the hands get flipped after the turn bets. Once the flop came I didn't think I could get away from this hand.I considered checking for info, but also thought I would call any smaller raise(up to maybe 2.5BB?,I almost expected a 2bb raise if I checked)so opted to take initiative and try give them a tough decision once he called I thought he probably had a Q or even Q9 or maybe just a bluff catching 9 or 7,I didn't think he had QQ,99 or 77 because of his pre-flop limp.I think I had been fairly active at this table so they may have thought me bluffing. When the T came on the river I thought: "OK Im ahead of his 9 or 7 and have an OE draw,with the pot compared to his stack size I'm committed".But still wanted to see what he would do(I guess I was hoping for a check back to put me at ease ). OK, so I guess I should have checked the flop.My questions I guess are what do you put him on pre-flop? and after calling the flop bet? Should I have felt committed after the turn card? Also any thing else you think about when I should have let it go,or played differently etc.Cheers,Sulonumbup:

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    Hi SulonExtron

    Considering villain has only 6 big blinds you can play this hand one of two ways imo. We can bet out on the flop and shove turn or we can simply check raise all in on on the flop.

    With 50k in the middle and just 60k in villains stack we don't have much room to manuever and it's going to be hard to see a turn and river without eaither putting him all in or calling an all in.

    Villain can have a very wide range of hands here ranging from suited connectors/small pairs/Ax hands and any broadway. This is a 55 cent MTT so although he shouldn't be playing this many hands... he most likely will be and for that reason alone I think we have a +ev chance of taking it down on the flop by either leading out or check raising.

    When he calls your bet he clearly isn't cgoing to fold to a turn bet with more than half of his chips invested. He can have like 76s/78s/J10/Q10/89/J9/QK/KJ/QJ and a few other mediocre hands. I wouldn't expect to see 99 very often as I would expect most players to raise all in before the flop with that stack size and that hand.

    Cheers, Chris.
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      Cheers Chris,that was quite vindicating as what you said was close to what I was thinking,but after the hand I thought "WTF,I am a total fish,what a terri-bad play".See you in class,Sulon.umbup:



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