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$2.20NLHE(1R1A) Bet sizing for optimal play?

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  • $2.20NLHE(1R1A) Bet sizing for optimal play?

    Hi guys!OK so I think that last post worked,here's another a little similar I guess. Again I was comfortable set mining here.I must say I was happy to see UTG raise (should I have been?) because it made my sizing decision easy for me.I had been leading out pre-flop for 3BB or sometimes more if there were limpers ahead of me,and I was not sure I should in this case for some reason.Should I have raised,folded or was a call fine? The flop,I just called because I didn't want to scare off action and wasn't worried by draws,should I have been? The turn,when I replay this hand I don't really know what my line of thought was here,I'm still OK with my raise...I guess I should have checked it back but I had a feeling he would check/raise.Should I have just called? or sized either of my bets differently?And why? Thanks for the advice,Sulon.

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    Hi Sulon,

    Preflop set mine is ok, but certainly much more marginal here than in the 55 hand you posted, because the implied odds aren't as high, and we are in EP instead of closing the action like before, so someone could reraise behind us and blow us off the hand. Still, for just a hair over 2-x it's worth the shot imo, especially if there is infrequent 3-betting.

    Flop call is good imo. Turn bet is good. I think reraising is a mistake however. Once he check-raises, he's either got a made hand (big ace or better) or he's bluffing. If you just call, there will be over 11K in the pot and he's got 6300 left, you will get stacks in on the river vs his made hands. By just calling, you also give him a chance to bluff shove the river, or check/call with a hand like JJ if all the draws miss. So I think the play here is to just call the c/r and then call any river, or bet river yourself (set him all in) if he checks to you.
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      Cheers Dave,when you explain it like that it makes perfect sense.I still can't remember, or work out why I wanted to kill the action then and there,maybe I was worried by the draw?I remember pushing him (dima) around alot,so maybe I was trying to induce a tilt shove? Thanks again anyway,Sulon.



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