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2 pairs on dry flop, on a 1.10 mtt ft

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  • 2 pairs on dry flop, on a 1.10 mtt ft

    Villian was very passive, a 34vpip/7pfr and 28lm , Im in doubt if i can do something diferent in this spots? what to do with 2 pairs in this spot? (should icm slow me down?) .

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    Hi scarface763! Since I'm the lowest stack left, ICM really won't play into my decision here, as I can't go any lower than I currently am and I'm definitely not shoving this hand preflop. With Q5, I'm more than happy to see a free flop when the opps limp. When I flop two pair, here is where I need to make my play (especially against a passive opponent). I need to make a standard lead value bet and with 3 opps, a standard bet is 3/4 pot (78k)... BUT... if I can pick up the pot right here, I'm gaining over 32% to my current stack. With this being the case, I'm open-shoving the flop. I don't want to check and have a passive player check behind and get a free card that can beat me (what they'll do without a monster and even with some monsters). Unfortunately, the opp flops a set, but the best play that I can make is to put them in, immediately on the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      thnks john i agree with you, i only checked because i was thnikingon a check-raise or a check-shove, but youre right the optimal play here is the shove thnks umbup:


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        Checking or betting flop depends more on the button than it does on the loose passive.. It's a really dry flop so if I was button and it checked to me I'd definitely take a stab knowing there's a good chance I just take it down or turn a good card to barrel, so if button is the stabby type you should definitely check this so you get some value you otherwise wouldn't by someone betting with air

        I think checking in general is the better play though, there's really not that much to protect against.

        I prefer shoving or calling over making it 102k though, with your stack that raise just looks so much stronger than just shoving


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          I agree with coach John I will lead out the flop here

          just a cooler unlucky

          get them next time



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