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$2.20 Progressive Super KO vs Loose passive fish

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  • $2.20 Progressive Super KO vs Loose passive fish

    This hand comes from a $2.20 Progressive Super KO, still in the early stages. Reads: UTG+1 limper - loose passive fish HJ - 53/19 (17 hands) CO/BTN/SB - all approx 28/20 over small sample, they seem like pretty normal players. BB - Loose/passive fish So when UTG+1 limps I just love to iso. But is this hand a bit too weak to be doing this with, especially when I've still got quite a lot of people to act behind? Fortunately everyone else folds and I get HU with the fish. Now this flop isn't great for my hand but I do flop a pair and backdoor flush draw. This might also hit villain's range but at the same time, if he's playing super wide he often won't have much of this board at all. So should I CBet or is a check more prudent. The turn and river - should I raise at any point or was I right to just call as a bluff catcher?

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    Hi Andy,

    I think the first question you asked, resonates well with me. While I too like isolating weak fishy limpers, this spot seems quite optimistic with 5 players behind, and us only working with 38bb (I wouldn't mind it as much if we were like 75bb+ deep where having to yield won't cost much of a % of our stack, and some good things can happen in terms of winning a huge pot when things fall right). Add to that, the profile of the players behind us... all be it a limited sample, they do not look like they will even allow isolation much. HJ has played 9/17 hands. BB is a loose fish. And the players in between haven't exactly been nits.

    We get a great result isolating. I would prefer to c-bet the flop tbh. Granted we don't have much, but we are dealing with an opponent who also won't have much (having started with a wide range) and will likely call with a number of worse hands, like OESD's (on both ends, the J or the 7) and flush draws, and some very low equity hands like 44 and A3. So our c-bet is both for (thinish) value and protection.

    As played, call turn/call river seems fine. You also might raise the tiny turn bet just to charge draws and weak made hands like 44, since he will call a raise with those. And, just fold to a reraise. River I would just call though, it's too optimistic to think he calls a raise now with much worse imo.
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      fold pre no ante's in play and too early to play K8s and yes too many players left to act

      to minimize loses ill just call turn and call river



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