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SB vs BB

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  • SB vs BB

    It's Saturday Micro $3.30, 25k Gtd with 15mins blind level. I want to shove into OLD PSO member stix144 (who I think got banned from PSO), so can I do it with this hand easily? Coz he will most probably call as he is short stack and he knows I will be shoving 60% hands there. PokerStars Hand #116921299729: Tournament #910967365, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (75/150) - 2014/05/31 19:20:32 IST [2014/05/31 9:50:32 ET] Table '910967365 227' 9-max Seat #9 is the button Seat 1: adikumar2010 (3480 in chips) Seat 2: stix144 (1543 in chips) Seat 3: 051Rijeka (6357 in chips) Seat 4: kong triton (18181 in chips) Seat 5: KellyDaRaver (3630 in chips) Seat 6: kylo66 (4597 in chips) Seat 7: Deea2o15 (7703 in chips) Seat 8: gregim (10833 in chips) Seat 9: Bernard31 (1150 in chips) is sitting out adikumar2010: posts the ante 15 stix144: posts the ante 15 051Rijeka: posts the ante 15 kong triton: posts the ante 15 KellyDaRaver: posts the ante 15 kylo66: posts the ante 15 Deea2o15: posts the ante 15 gregim: posts the ante 15 Bernard31: posts the ante 15 adikumar2010: posts small blind 75 stix144: posts big blind 150 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to adikumar2010 [As 3s] 051Rijeka: folds kong triton: folds KellyDaRaver: folds kylo66: folds Deea2o15: folds gregim: folds Bernard31: folds adikumar2010: stix144: Action Pending STATS :
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    i wud raise here . shoving 23 b stack into bb looks weak to me . if bb shoves i am calling


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      But he had only 10BB.
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        Clear shove, you're even ahead of his calling range


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          Hi Adi,

          IDK what his perception of your shoving range will be, but regardless, vs. a 10bb stack I will snap set him all in, A3s is plenty good enough. He will have a lot of hands he'll have to fold, and our hand plays well enough when called. For instance if he calls us off with 1/3rd of starting hands, then we pick up the blinds/antes 67% of the time, and we are only a slight dog (52/48) vs. a calling range. Very +EV spot for us. If he tightens up, our hand equity goes down when called, but we get the dead money without a fight more often... if he loosens up, less freebees, but better hand equity when called. We can't really go wrong in this spot with a set him all in strategy for our A3s.
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