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$55 nightly 30k... 30bb open jammer

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  • $55 nightly 30k... 30bb open jammer

    sorry can't find the hh...

    what should our action be here....

    and is our action different if we are last to act...

    i just didnt feel the need to risk putting in 30bb and be confronted with a big decision if someone jams on me or even wierder if someone flatted for some odd reason and have to play a monstrous pot oop.... so elected to fold... blinds are at 30 and its 15min lvls

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    I can't go all in fast enough.


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      Originally posted by birdayy View Post
      I can't go all in fast enough.
      lol.... i actually used all my time bank on this one...and ran out b4 i could make a decision... the player was playing tight.... but didnt wanna put so many chips in when i was sitting on around 150bb if someone behind me woke up with a hand....i guess ill find out what i should be doing in this spot


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        Call the shove and fold to a possible overshove imo.
        You don't want to give away free chips to a monster hand behind you, so an all in seems bad, and also you can't really fold AK to what seems like a weak player tiltshove.
        Calling seems like a no-brainer to me and since you would probably call with aces as well there, I don't expect anyone behind you getting tricky.


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          easy call - no need to think about people to act after you. You got AK not AJ and you got so many BB's


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            This early in a game and with so many players to act I fold
            Any pairs is favorite and beats AK's
            Well played Bonez

            I'm a nit and win money...............LOL


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              Hi bonez,

              You say the player was playing tight, yet this is certainly not a tight action. Why is he doing this?

              I think that's a good utility question... if he's truly shoving a very tight range, then just folding is ok. If he's not, then it's not imo. So how did he get short stacked? Did he get his aces cracked? (tilt) Did he monkey off 2K doing something stupid? (tilt + monkey-mode).

              If we assume he is not just shoving some nitball range and we should play, I think the play I prefer by far is to move all in.

              Calling with the intention of folding to a reshove is really not good... the price we would be getting to call the shove would make it a correct call unless the villain showed us specifically AA. We will probably be getting around 2.5-1 or more and even vs. KK we are only a 2.3-1 dog. So if we call, I think we should call off to a reshove.

              Like Sandtrap, I don't particularly want to flip 100bb's with some small pair behind me, so I would rather not give such holdings any illusion of fold equity by simply flatting, and just make it crystal clear their tournament life is on the line on the strength of their 66 alone. A shove in this situation may get someone to fold a hand as strong as TT, and with a holding that blocks the 2 hands we really would hate to run into, that's my play.

              Also, it's not immaterial here that if this goes sideways, we will still have 56bb's in the worst case scenario, which is a very playable stack in a slow structure, making it even more attractive to go after the initial shovers chips with AK here assuming we have reason to believe he's not just shoving monsters.
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                i wasn't that worried about the villain as they couldnt do much damage to my stack, and id expect to never see a monster in this spot.... but did think they mostly had low pp probly, but it is hard to range them.... i can't find any hh from this tourney so forget previously what had happened with this villain.... thx for the feed back all.... i can see all points and they all have valid points, i have lost a lot of spots like this though when i re pop it, and that was my reason for submitting it to see what i should be doing umbup:



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